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Now, everybody in every sport goes nuts with the pre-game introductions.

But this is the original, greatest introduction ever.  Even those of us who weren’t hardcore Jordan fanboys always got hyped for this.





(hanging out in a dark, cavernous space below ground level…)

(every dressed in all black, from hoodies to boots…)

(nearly every major rap crew of the time is represented…)

(anyone caught smiling for more than 5 seconds straight was immediately shot…)

Do I really have to tell you how much I wanted to be in this video when I was a young pup?



An Oldie But Goodie…



So now that I’ve watched the whole series, ‘the Clone Wars’ (especially the Netflix exclusive sixth season) is the best Star Wars material to come out in recent memory.

But this clip that went viral still deserves an honorable mention.

(Said/reacted by every little boy of the past 30 plus years…)




‘Editing is that moment when you give up every hope you have of making a great piece of art and you have to settle with what you have.’ – Woody Allen

To any of ‘the Commission’ reading this, don’t take that quote too literally.  ‘Holiday Project’ is in good shape.

But personally I’m starting the week dealing with stress.  It feels more stressful than normal because a) it’s disrupting my day to day operations and b) the overall picture is looking very bright.  And truth be told, c) it’s one of those times where you get pulled into drama that’s not your creation but it’s your responsibility to solve it.

I could easily get drowned by how pissed off I am at certain things happening but… the ‘secret’ to my productivity is getting back to the type of focus I had as a kid and tuning out all the distractions and concentrating on the task directly in front of me.  Can only fix one problem at a time, and my problem solving abilities are peaking right now, so all I can do is dial on and ride out the current wave.  Another lesson from being around as long as I have.  The good times don’t last forever, but neither do the bad ones.

Starting the week focusing on one issue at a time…


anita baker

Thought we’d start this weekend with a little class…

Have a good one!




Simply stated…time to dance!





How many car stereos and sound systems did this song destroy back in the day? 1 million? 2 million?

It absolutely killed the factory setup in my first ride.  Will neither confirm or deny I was happy to upgrade…




As I’ve been wading into the deeper end of the  ‘awkward/uncomfortable comedy’ pool, I’ve been going back and looking at some of the people who make me laugh and inspire me as a writer and an actor.  Mel Brooks of course is on that list.

Do I think it’s a coincidence he crossed paths with Richard Pryor and Dave Chappelle?  Not in the slightest.

As far as today’s number, if you never got around to watching the remake of the movie based on the play based on the original movie…you know what?  I’M NOT SAYING ANYTHING ELSE…






Nothing I say to start your week will possibly match the eloquence of this.

Harry Belafonte this past weekend accepting his honorary Oscar at the Governors Awards:



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