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You all know how I feel about the ‘group’ rap song where it feels like everyone is trying to one up each other.  I’ve been wearing my ‘movie star’ uniform a lot more lately so this one has been on my mind…

[Intro/Chorus 4X: sample of M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes"]
“No one on the corner has swagger like us”
“Swagger like us, swagger-swagger like us”


[Kanye West]
(“No one on the corner”) Mr. West is in the building
Swagger on a hundred thousand trillion
(“No one on the corner”) Aiyyo I know I got it first
I’m Christopher Columbus, y’all just the pilgrims
Thanksgiving, do we even got a question?
Hermes pastel, I passed the dressing
My attitude is tattooed
That mean it’s permanent, so I guess we should address it, huh?
(“No one on the corner”) My swagger is Mick Jagger
Every time I breathe on a track, I asthma attack it
Why he so mad for? Why he gotta have it?
Cause a slave my whole life, now I’m the master
How it feel to wake up and be the shit, and the urine?
Tryna get that Kobe number, one over Jordan


(“No one on the corner”) Got a bop like this
Can’t wear skinny jeans cause my knots don’t fit
No one on the corner got a pocket like this
So I rock Roc jeans cause my knots so thick
You can learn how to dress just for checking my fresh
Checking-checking my fresh, checking-checking my fresh
Follow my steps is the road to success
Where the niggas know you’re thorough when the girls say yes (yes!)
(“No one on the corner”) But I can’t teach ‘em my swag
You can pay for school but you can’t buy class
(“No one on the corner”) School of hard knocks I’m a grad
And that all-blue Yankee is my graduation cap
It’s Hooooo-vahhhhh
Dippin-dippin Rovers, whippin with the soda
Did you even have any doubt after doubt it was over?


[Lil Wayne]
No one on the corner has swagger like moi
Church, and I’m too clean for the choir
I require, but I desire
I got stripes, A-di-das
Mami scream, “Papi no mas!”
Run up in your shit just me, no mas
Running this shit like I got four thighs
No one has swagger like these four guys
Now when it comes to styles, I got several
Sharper than the swagger, dagger all metal
And my jew-els, blue and yellow
The type of shit that make ‘em call you Carmelo
rules as follows stay true to the ghetto
Write your name on the bullet make you feel special
Ha! What the fuck you boys talking ’bout?
I know it’s us cause we the only thing you talk about
And I’m gone… bye… yeah

[Chorus - during last line]

Hah, you see? That’s right
Ay, you know see Weezy for the wordplay, Jeezy for the bird play
Kanyeezy for diversity and me for controversy
all my verses picture perfect, only spit to serve a purpose
You ain’t living what you kicking then you worthless
Lookin from the surface it may seem like I got reason to be nervous
Been observant, work to see if my adversity was worth it
Verse is autobiographical, absolutely classical
Last thing I’m worried ’bout is what another rapper do
Ain’t nobody hot as me
Even if they rap they ass off, blast off and have outstanding qualities
Sell a lot of records, I respect it and salute that
But spin real life on hot beats, I’m the truth at
You kick it like me, no exaggeration necessary
Living revolutionary, nothing less than legendary
Gangsta shit hereditary, got it from my dad
Flow colder than February with extraordinary swag


(That pic is always my reaction to T.I.’s verse.  Salute!)



In terms of the overall package, I will always be preferential to Pac.   BUT…

If we’re talking about the best lyricist, with the nicest metaphors; in the debate with Rakim, Hov, Nas and whoever else you want to throw in there…

[Intro: The Notorious B.I.G. (Diddy) - Bridge in the background]
What? (That’s right! Bad Boy!)
What? Uhh!
Uhh, Uhh! Lyrically I’m, uhh!
Uhh, check it out!
Uhh, lyrically I’m…
Uhh… uhh, uhh!
Junior M.A.F.I.A.! (Remix)
Uhh, Junior M.A.F.I.A.!

[Bridge: Faith Evans]
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Yeeeeeeeeah, yeeeeeeeeeah!
So goooooood, so goooooood!
I loooove you sooooooo much!
One more chaaaaaaance! – Biggie give me one more chaaaance…
One more chaaaaaaance! – Biggie give me one more chaaaance…
One more chaaaaaaance! – Biggie give me one more chaaaance…
One more chaaaaaaance! – Biggie give me one more chaaaance…

[The Notorious B.I.G.:]
First things first, I poppa! – Freaks all the honies! (uh-huh!)
Dummies! (uh!) – Playboy bunnies, those wantin’ money.
Those the ones I like cause they don’t get Nathan
But penetration, unless it smells like sanitation.
Garbage, I turn like doorknobs,
Heart throb? Never! – Black and ugly as ever!
However – I stay Coogi down to the socks
Rings and watch filled with rocks! (uh!)
And my jam knock in your Mitsubishi
Girls pee pee when they see me (uh-huh!) navajos creep me in they tee pee! (uh!)
As I lay down laws like Alan Coppet
Stop it! (uh!) – If you think they gonna make a prophet!
Don’t see my ones, don’t see my guns! – Get it?
Now tell ya friends Poppa hit it (uh!) then split it!
In two as I flow with the Junior M.A.F.I.A. (uh!)
I don’t know what the hell’s stoppin’ ya!
I’m clockin ya, Versace shades watchin’ ya! (uh-huh!)
Once ya grin, I’m in, game begin! (uh!)
First I talk about how I dresses this,
In diamond necklasses, stretch Lexuses! (whooo!)
The sex is just immaculate from the back I get
Deeper and deeper! – Help ya reach the (uh-huh!)
Climax that your man can’t make
Call him, tell him you’ll be home real late, and sing the break! (uh!)

[Chorus 1: Faith Evans (The Notorious B.I.G.) & ("Puff Daddy")]
Baabyyyyyy, heeeeere I am (I got that good love girl, you didn’t know?)
Aaaaall, I neeeeed is ooooone more chaaaaaance! One more chance…
IIIII can heeelp (uh!) you fiiiiiind, yourseeeeelf! (I got that good love girl, you didn’t know?)
Cause you, don’t neeeeeed (uh!) noboooo-dy eeeeelse! – One more chaaaance… (“Remix! “)

[The Notorious B.I.G. ("Puff Daddy"):]
She’s sick of that song on how it’s so long
Thought he worked his until I handled my biz,
There I is! (uh!) – Major Payne like Damon Wayans (uh-huh!)
Low Down Dirty even like his brother Keenan.
Schemin’! (uh!) – Don’t leave ya girl round me
True player for real, ask Puff Dad-dy! (“yeeeah! “)
You ringin’ bells with bags from Chanel
Baby Benz, traded in your Hyundai Excel. (uh!)
Fully equipped, CD changer with the cell (uh-huh!)
She beeped me, meet me at twelve! (uh!)
Where you at? Flippin’ jobs, payin car notes? (“yeeeah! “)
While I’m swimmin’ in ya women like the breast stroke! (“uh-huh! “)
Right stroke, left stroke was the best stroke
Death stroke – tongue all down her throat! (uh-huh!)
Nuttin left to do but send her home to you,
I’m through! – Can ya sing the song for me, boo?

[Chorus 2: Faith Evans (The Notorious B.I.G.)]
One more chaaaaaaance! – Biggie give me one more chaaaance!
(I got that good love girl, you didn’t know?)
One more chaaaaaaance! – Biggie give me one more chaaaance!
(I got that good love girl, you didn’t know?)

[The Notorious B.I.G. ("Puff Daddy"):]
So, what’s it gonna be? – Him or me? (uh!)
We can cruise the world with pearls, gator boots for girls. (uh-huh!)
The envy of all women – crushed linen!
Cartier wrist-wear with diamonds in ‘em. (whoooo!)
The finest women I love with a passion
Ya man’s a wimp, I give that ass a good thrashin’!
High fashion – flyin’ into all states (uh!)
Sexin me while ya man [masturbates]! (“uhh, uhh! “)
Isn’t this great? Your flight leaves at eight
Her flight lands at nine, my game just rewinds. (uh!)
Lyrically I’m supposed to represent (what?)
I’m not only the client, I’m the player president! (uh!)



The latest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been called the one closest to a ‘real movie’.  I get that.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier lets us catch up with Marvel’s resident Boy Scout in a post Avengers world.  Disclaimer for those who don’t know, when it comes to Marvel, I’m a complete ‘casual fanboy’, so the vast majority of inside references, either I have to look up when I get home or have someone else break it down for me.  I say that to say, my higher than normal interest in this film wasn’t due to Scarlett having a more featured role; (that doesn’t hurt but) for me it was all the buzz going in on how this one was influenced by 70s conspiracy thrillers (yes) and featured Robert Redford in a major supporting role (hell yes).  So for me as a film geek, seeing Redford and Sam Jax share a few scenes was damn near worth the price of admission alone.

Without going too deep into plot points for anyone else who hasn’t seen it yet, the theme of this film is ‘Who Can You Trust?’  Are we the good guys, really?  What if you (as a soldier) are waist deep in a war, then you realize you might be fighting for the wrong side?  All philosophical questions I can ponder for years on end (and I have).  No worries for those of you who come for the action, there’s more than enough warships and guns and double crosses to feed the summer movie buzz.  I liked this one a lot more than Thor 2 personally.

So that’s one down.  Peter Parker, I believe you are on deck…



I stand corrected.

The past month or so as I’ve taken on…you know, I can’t even tell you off the top of my head how many projects I’m simultaneously working on, on some level right now.  But as a lot of golden opportunities all hit me at once (because that’s the way it has to be right?), I’ve been telling my various friends and allies this is going to be one of my ‘burn out summers’.

He’ll never let me live this down, but way back in the day, I told my roommate at the time I was ‘married to work’.  And as always, at the time I said it, I was completely sincere with the statement.  My work and my dream were the only two things I was really passionate about.  Like a lot of other people, he advised me to build a more three dimensional life for myself, but in my supremely hard headed way, I’m pretty sure my response was ‘Yeah whatever.’

I won’t give him the satisfaction of telling him he’s right, but what is true is that if all you do is fuck around, you better be ready to live with the repercussions of that.  If you go around, lying to people all the time, you better be ready when that bill eventually comes due.  And it’s not always said out loud, but, if you work all the time…yeah there is a steep price for that, that is not necessarily attractive.

So I can’t tell you how or when it happened exactly, but at some point along the way, the lesson did sink in, and I prioritized my personal life.  If I wasn’t completely sure why I was talking to you, I started questioning myself and probably stopped (insert ex-girlfriend joke here).  I think my natural instinct of 10 percent talking/90 percent listening really served me well here, because if I wanted to hang out/get a bite to eat/date/catch a movie, I’d ask, and then I’d just sit back and let my people tell me about what’s going on in their lives and be completely content just having some human interaction to break up staring at a script or a computer screen for hours on end.

So where’s this rambling going you ask?  Well to bring it all home, the Lady In My Life rewrite pretty much got locked up this weekend with a lot of time to spare, and whereas in the past I would have immediately picked up the next project on my to do list, this weekend I went out.  Not all night, but long enough to get out of my own head for an hour or so.  And when I got home Saturday night, I was lying in bed, and a bunch of little ‘not fully fleshed out ideas’ merged into what I think would be one HELL of a sitcom pitch down the line.

So to my friends and family, while the majority of my life right now is not dedicated to ‘the fun stuff’, I will backtrack and say that I will get out and hang out enough to not completely stress myself out.

And on that note, have a good week!



Don’t really need to do much of an intro for this one do I?

All I’ll say is, no matter what day of the week it is, my weekend ALWAYS starts at around the 2:50 mark of this extended version.

Have a good weekend!




I’m scapegoating Stevie Wonder for most of this, but now that my attention is back on finishing the Lady rewrite, and more importantly since I’m on a relatively tight deadline, I picked three movie star names out of the list of ‘actresses you guys suggested I should write parts for’, and I’m using those ladies as the models for the three female characters to keep myself from straying too far off track.

(Which is my long winded way of saying I’m in ‘smitten’ mode right now even though I’m putting in work.  So enjoy this phase while it lasts, lovers…)




I know I’m not the only one who considers this one of the favorite scene/sequences in black cinema.  And as a guy who gravitates toward silliness in romance as much as I do in life, I also know I’m not the only one who sees myself in the ‘shirt open to the navel, posted up in front of the jukebox, smile at you from across the room’ brotha that homeboy is embodying here.

Sitting here…in this chair…waiting on you…




This past one was most likely the first of many upcoming weekends where the windows were rolled down, the radio was turned up, and I really couldn’t tell you a city I’d rather be in.

And off that lovely intro…




As I told a friend last night, this is shaping up to be a ‘burn out’ summer for me.  The script for Lady is progressing nicely, there’s a grant I think I can pull off to finance Angel (wouldn’t that be nice?); now there’s a new opportunity on the horizon which meant today was spent writing another of my long gestating ideas into a one off webisode; for things I don’t write I’m helping one of my LA fam put his short together, and there’s a ‘dream project’ that of course I can’t go into detail about at this moment, but I may start doing some ‘ghost’ work on that this week.

This guy is not lacking for opportunity to express himself creatively right now.

As I’m in full scale comedy mode right now, let’s start the week with a 1st ballot Hall of Famer from one of my favorite comedies of all time.  I remember like it was yesterday, literally being on the floor laughing for 5 minutes when the punchline of this scene kicked in.  So, if you’d like to learn:

1. How to use music to set up your joke (or scene in general),

2. How to slow build your setup,

3. How having too many resources may be restricting you from the most clever ideas,

4. How to just be completely silly,

I present Exhibit A.

Have a good week!




At this point in my life, I’m somehow, both slightly embarrassed and smugly wearing a ‘you only live once’ grin on my face at how much I identify with this song.

Have a good weekend, mon!

Uh, ah-oh-oh! I went downtown, (I went downtown)
I saw Miss Brown; (said, I saw Miss Brown)
She had brown sugar (had brown sugar)
All over her booga-wooga. (over her booga-wooga)

I think I might join the fun, (I might join the fun)
But I had to hit and run. (had to hit and run)
See I just can’t settle down (just can’t settle down)
In a kinky part of town.

Ride on;
Don’t you know I’ve got to (ride on), oh baby,
Ride on; see I just can’t settle down. (ride on)
Oh, I’m a leavin’ town. (kinky reggae)

Kinky reggae, take me away! (kinky reggae, now) Kinky reggae, now!
Oh, kinky reggae; all I’ve got to say, kinky reggae, now!
Kinky reggae, oh baby! Kinky reggae, now!
It’s gonna be kinky reggae (keep it up). Kinky reggae, now!
An’ I would say: ride on, ride on, ride on (ride on)!
Oh, ride on, baby!
Ride on, come on, woo-o-o! (ride on) Wo-now! Eh!

I went down to Piccadilly Circus; (ooh-ooh-ooh)
Down there I saw Marcus: (oo-oo-oo-ooh)
He had a candy tar (ooh-ooh-ooh)
All over his chocolate bar. (oo-oo-oo-ooh)

I think I might join the fun, (I might join the fun)
But I had to hit and run. (had to hit and run)
See I just can’t settle down (just can’t settle down)
In a kinky, kinky part of town.

Nice one; that’s what they say, (nice one)
But I’m leavin’ you today. (nice one)
Oh, darlin’, please don’t pay: (nice one)
Mama say – mama say.

Kinky reggae – kinky reggae, uh! Kinky reggae, now!
Take it or leave it!
Kinky reggae, believe it! Kinky reggae, now!
Kinky reggae – it’s gonna be: kinky reggae!
Kinky reggae, now! Cuka-yeah, now!
Kinky reggae – sca-ba-dool-ya-bung, baby!
Kinky reggae, now, oh-oh-ooh!
(Ride on!) Ride on! Come on, yeah! (Ride on)
Riding on – riding on!
Ride on, kinky reggae. Come on, ride on! Eh! Eh!
Kinky, kinky, kinky as kinky (kinky reggae) can be ! Reggae! Eh!
Kinky reggae! Let me hear ya say, now: kinky reggae, now. Oh!
Kinky reggae! Kinky reggae, now! Kick it away!
Kinky reggae – kick it away, now! Kinky reggae, now, oh!
Ride on! [fadeout]



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