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I finally had time to watch Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come on Netflix this week.  The man is the future of ‘the business’ whether you like him or not, so it’s worth a couple hours just to see this documentary of his career.  If you were watching during the Attitude Era, you already know most of the in-ring beats. The forming of D Generation X, the rise to WWE Champion as a singles main eventer, Evolution, the reforming of DX.  But there’s also a lot of great inside stories along the way to keep you interested.  Most interesting to me, (and probably to most people) is his real life relationship with his wife, who also happens to be the boss’s daughter, and how that was perceived inside the locker room and by the fans.  I won’t spoil Undertaker’s two cents, but his words proved prophetic.

Anyway, WrestleMania XXX is this weekend, and Hunter has at least one match against the current It Guy, Daniel Bryan.  Do I think HHH is going to do what’s best for business?


As messy as it was to get there, do I think they’re going to send the New Orleans fans home happy Sunday night?


Am I already planning to use WrestleMania in Cali next year as my no excuses reason to get that off my bucket list?


And for those of you who don’t get that last exchange, one more nice return video to end the week.  I recall watching this live, when he came back after being out nearly a year.  Fans showing their respect even though he was a heel.


Worst Debut Ever…



In the interest of seeing both sides of the coin, it’s only fair this week to show a little logical reason to the people who think wrestling is wack.

This post is going to shock the world…





Either way, 2 months to go in 2013.  Make it count!  Have a good weekend!


Watch ‘Sleepy Hollow’



Nothing political to start this week.

For my initial Comic-Con trip, I didn’t get to that many panels, but one of the panels I got to experience was for the new Fox show ‘Sleepy Hollow’ (starting tonight on Fox).  If you’re a football fan, you’ve certainly seen the promos.  Brought to you by the guys who did Star Trek, the premise is as high concept as it gets: Ichabod Crane has ‘somehow’ been transported to present day.  The pilot does a better than you would expect job of explaining how all this comes to pass, including introducing his relationship to his modern day partner in crime, played by the lovely Nicole Beharie (who most of you know from 42.)

As I alluded to, the pilot has to cover a lot of backstory, but it finds a way to be scary, funny, ‘supernatural’, and overall entertaining while setting the table.  If you’re into sci-fi, it’s worth checking out to see if it falls in your wheelhouse.

Have a good Monday.



Me and my loved ones all seem to be overflowing with good news and making ‘leaps’ of various types in our lives.  However randomly, it made me feel like it was time for my annual posting of this clip.

I could rattle off 10 different things in this that kill me.  But I’d rather get whatever you find funny out of this…

I Miss Football…



I was strug-a-ling to come up with a good follow up for yesterday’s post, and then I got the first email of the year for my fantasy football league.  So here you go…

Nuff Said



I Miss The Boondocks



I won’t have ‘throwaway jokes’ every week, but this one still cracks me up.

Chris Handsome…



Skipping a song today as an inside joke reminded me of this…

While ‘The goggles…they do nothing’ is the one-liner everybody knows, this relatively meaningless (to that episode) scene always cracked me up on multiple levels.  In less than 30 seconds!

Setup + Comedic Timing = Gold

Poor Milhouse… Enjoy!



No song today.  I post this about once a year or so.  It’s the epitome of funny AND wrong.  The Brandon Knight slaughter last night reminded me of this, just in terms of someone getting publicly castrated badly.  Enjoy or feel bad.  Or both.


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