If you have seen me, it’s probably been in one of these projects…

As one half of the greatest tag team in reality TV history, ‘Twisted Steel & Sex Appeal’ on ’10 Things Every Guy Should Experience: WrestleMania XX Edition’ in 2004.

“Aziz in particular had stage presence to spare, delivering a rant that would have made a fire and brimstone preacher proud.”

Tim Engle, Kansas City Star, ’10 Things Every Guy Should Experience’

In 2009, I acted, wrote, and directed the short film ‘Lady In My Life.’  It did well on the festival circuit, and was shown nationally on BET’s Lens On Talent, and in syndication across the country on ‘African-American Short Films’.


In 2012, I appear as Officer Cook in the short film, ‘State of Separation’, starring Megan Sousa and directed by Ryo Rex.  The film makes its international premiere at the Raindance Film Festival.

Also in 2012, I appear as the ‘Celebrity Narrator’ in the L.A. production of ‘Natalie Portman: the Musical.’  Playing at the Chromolume Theatre until the end of September.

‘And who better to narrate these proceedings but Mr. Samuel L. Jackson (Malik Aziz) in uber-cool mode, who spices things up intermittently with badass attitude and commentary.’ – Lovell Estelle III, L.A. Weekly, ‘Natalie Portman: the Musical’

‘Malik Aziz’s performance as (Samuel L.) Jackson is well worth the price of admission (I got chills when he started quoting Pulp Fiction).’ – Chantel Donnan, Music In Press

In 2012 I that earned my ‘card’ being an astronaut: a quick spot in the Adult Swim spoof infomercial, ‘You’re Whole':

Most recently if you didn’t catch me on the stage in a revival of ‘Natalie Portman’, you and your kids may have spotted me as Joe the Delivery Man in an episode of Nick at Nite’s ‘See Dad Run':