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Keeping it simple today.



I’m starting this week in complete shock that I (felt like I had) 1001 things to get done this weekend,..and I got them all day.  Maybe this life I’m building really has come together.

So if it pleases the Court, we’re starting this week with more music.  A cover to be precise. You don’t mind, do you?

Didn’t think so.



The story goes that when Mike was trying to return to pop relevancy he went to Prince for advice (who’s obviously nailed it).

And Prince pretty much told him, ‘Forget the theatrics. Do smaller venues. Remind people that you’re a great vocalist.’

And Prince was right (as today’s song cosigns).  But Mike was also probably right; there was no going back to the ‘Off the Wall’ days really.  If people were coming to see Mike, they were coming for the spectacle as much as the music.



1,001! How should this next chapter start?

What artist have I most identified with in my own way?  Hmm… so many possibilities, so many I like…

But is there one who stands above the others? One who inspired me to be an artist in the first place? I don’t know…



Before Michael and Jackie, it wasn’t just James Brown. It was this man.



All due respect to the King of Pop, there really isn’t any song right now that gets me out of my seat and dancing right now more than this one:


Thought my mind would want a break in between finishing my first pilot and moving on to writing the feature.

Nope!  When the creative juices are flowing, gotta let em flow.

Wrote my first fight sequence to this, haven’t seen it used in anything yet.


As we’re in the middle of comparing great acting performances, I have to apply the same standard across the board.

Michael Jackson, my personal favorite artist ever, probably the greatest pop star of all time.

Great actor at times like Sinatra?  No.  Good actor even?  Um….

Look, even the best actors figure out what they can do, but they can’t do well (unless your name is Streep I guess).

Mike tried to go back to the ‘Smooth Criminal’ well here, (and if I remember correctly this was on the back of one of his cases.)

So…Mike standing toe to toe with (his real life friend) the Godfather? Cool moment but…

Mike, catcalling girls in the street, acting like he can’t keep it in his pants when he sees a tastee?


Chris Tucker Rush Hour 3 movie image

Have a good weekend!




That’s how I’ll remember 2014.  Maybe I was just due for a good year, but truth be told, 90 percent of my stress over the past 12 months could really be called sympathy/empathy at things going on in the world around me.

On a personal level, it feels like I’ve taken a huge step forward in claiming the part of my destiny where I’m this ‘Muslim Zen Master’ (for lack of a better term.)  Have I had 365 peaceful days in a row?  Of course not.  But taking a moment to look back, most of my memories are of cracking jokes, admiring (spiritually and physically) beautiful women, watching and talking and making movies and plays with people who share the same passions.  That’s really what it boils down to; this feels like a year where a majority of my time was spent doing things I was passionate about in one way or another.  The House of Aziz is definitely in order.

‘America’ continues to force my hand though.  It’s interesting (to put it mildly) to watch what’s going on in the world.  We all talk about ‘what we would have done’ if we lived in a different era, but there’s a genuine thing that’s happening right now.  And where do you (or I) fit into it?  I know people who are in the streets, potentially risking their lives for the Cause.  I know people who are a little more subtle in their public stances, but do a lot behind closed doors.  I’ve seen people who are so entrenched in their place in the status quo that it seems like they’re fighting against their own self-interests.   Like I said, it’s all interesting…

Alright, the Zen Master is ‘reflected’ out.  In this moment, I’m grateful and thankful.  To my family who hold me down through everything.  To my friends and colleagues with whom I’ve locked myself into this ‘Make Me Laugh’ deathmatch that really feels like it will go on until we keel over.  To my actor and writer and director friends who do good work and stroke my ego in a friendly competition, ‘I can do that!’ kind of way.  To the kids coming up behind me who seem desperate for answers, and all I can really say is, ‘I’m doing the best I can to make things easier for you than I had it.’

(Hm.  I really didn’t mean to end on a somber note…)

(I know!  Let’s go backwards one more time to what I FINALLY knocked off my bucket list on my last birthday!)


(chuckling as I put on my 3D glasses, jump into my Interstellar space craft, and leave this hemisphere for the next 2 weeks…)



Happy Halloween everybody!  Be safe!



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