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Heading into a long weekend, and a memorable weekend for a number of reasons, and the Shuffle sent me one of my anthems.

To the Muslim Community, Eid Mubarak!

To the majority of you, enjoy the Labor Day weekend.





Yep, the party is still going.

Homie sent me the link to the ‘This Is: Michael Jackson’ playlist on Spotify yesterday…

Been sweating for a good 36 hours straight and I’m not even mad.





If you know me personally, you know my personality, you know the city I’ve called home in my adult life, you know the shorts I’ve written and directed…then you know this man’s influence.

Happy Birthday Mike.




Start of the new week.

Another ‘Official’ video.

You know what this is.





Fall is here, growing out my hair and my beard, writing a love scene this weekend.

And the Tube threw this in my recommendations.

Everything is in harmony at the moment.

Have a good weekend folks.




Today’s choice is either:

a) proof I do still listen to music that came out in the past year (even though all I hear is Carlos Santana…), or

b) an excuse to look at Rihanna and all her deliciousness…

You make the call.





We’re continuing with the Smooth Vibes theme today with another ‘I forgot how much I loved this song’ entry.





Spotify got your boy over here doing the wop to start the week; in a good mood as fall comes in with the quickness.



ART at NABJ 2017



Aaron and Shemar are picking up steam doing the press tour thing.  Stopped by NABJ this year and some of that is showing up on the Tube.





At this point, I’ve been around the block enough times, that I don’t do as many of the ‘For Your Consideration’ screenings as I used to.

This one intrigued me just because I’m a fan of the brother and his show.

Then (after the fact) I heard he performed my theme song after the Q&A, and I hated myself for a good week.

So thank you Netflix for putting this online.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to find a lonely street to walk down…