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Finally got to see ‘Dunkirk’ on the big screen last week, courtesy of Warner Brothers.  There was a dessert service after the Q&A with Nolan, so yes, ‘For Your Consideration’ season has begun!

I’m not a World War II buff by any means so Dunkirk didn’t hold a strong meaning to me beyond doing a cursory Google search on why it’s important. After I did that though, it made complete sense to me why the British hold it in such high regard, and why Nolan wanted to make this movie.

Interested to note during the Q&A, how they decided early on to ‘not’ try to be ‘Saving Private Ryan’.  A, because he considers it a masterpiece and B, in true Christopher Nolan style, he wanted to focus on the practical details of ‘how would this happen in real life?’ as opposed to ‘this is how these things play out in a movie’…

(Prince of Gotham nodding….)

Relating directly to war (without spoiling some of story points of ‘Dunkirk’), Nolan also says he was attracted to doing a different type of war movie, because, in talking to veterans, war is very much like life in that, death often happens completely randomly, and the ‘good guys’ or ‘heroes’ may never get the credit they really deserve, and ‘the bad guys’ may not always suffer in proportion to the damage they’ve done.

(cueing up the Hans Zimmer as my eyes mist up…)

As far as ‘Dunkirk’ the movie goes, I personally wouldn’t call it Nolan’s best, but it’s solid.  With the studio backing him up, I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t finally get a Best Director nomination this year.





Still in a Golden Age mood…

Is this the first ‘themed’ video in hip hop?  It was silly then, it’s still silly now.

But Moe Dee sold it straight faced.  Even the choreography…






Another cause close to my heart…

A Kickstarter has been set up to help establish the hip hop wing for Smithsonian’s African-American History Museum.  It’s already a bucket list museum; this will only make it better.

All the info needed to get involved is below:

The Smithsonian Anthology of Hip-Hop and Rap is more than a greatest hits package. It explores important issues and themes within hip-hop history, and provides a unique window into the many ways hip-hop has created new traditions and had an impact on American and world culture. When you back the Anthology on Kickstarter or share the project with others, you’re contributing to that conversation, and bringing a one-of-a-kind collection to the Smithsonian and the world.

Thank you for helping make #HipHopHistory!




Just heard Robert Guillaume died.  Sad day.  GREAT character actor, Emmy winner.  Best known as ‘Benson’, but he did Broadway, he did movies.  He did the Lion King, he did Aaron Sorkin.  He was the real deal.

Rest in Peace sir.  One of the first black actors I remember seeing on TV as a kid.




Turned on to some new music today.  I don’t pretend to be in the loop, but based on this, this kid is on my radar now.  Right in my wheelhouse.




The weekend is upon us.

I haven’t heard any complaints about playing ‘catch up’ with the official Prince videos.

And I highly doubt I ever will…

Have a good one gang. Catch you on the other side.




A 90s playlist provides today’s song choice.

We’ve all gotten jokes and a half off this man (and these ridiculous pants).  But if you’re old enough, you had the song and at minimum, you had some knock off of the pants.

There’s no shame in admitting it anymore.





The Halloween/creep factor of today’s video is a happy coincidence.  Got hit with an 80s playlist today and this gem popped up.

Have to chuckle because, in my entire life, I’m pretty sure this still holds the title for ‘We all know why this became a hit record, right?’





New week.  There is a LOT that could be talked about/debated/expressed here, but for today at least, we’ll stick to music.

The ‘For Malik’ mix threw this one at me.  Not for the 100th time let me say, ‘Well done Spotify.’





Have to end this week with something from the catalog of the man who used his voice and platform to say what many are feeling.

Not that I ever doubted where he stood but still when I saw the cipher…

Image result for charles dutton gif

Have a good weekend gang!