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Been cackling at my desk for the last ten minutes…

I’m a big fan of the first Mission Impossible, but never really thought of them as heist films (which I also love) until now.

Time to cede the floor today to Michael Tucker and ‘Lessons from the Screenplay’…





Still keeping it light…

Discover hit me this morning with ‘Everybody Dance Now’.  Not a bad video.  I remember C + C Music Factory.

But when I hear that song, the first thing I think of is not THAT video…

But this all timer from the Simpsons in their peak.  Homer is worried Bart might be gay and tries to introduce him to more ‘masculine’ role models.  You know the rest…




Music File Photos 1980's

Let’s start this week off on a light note.  It was an off day for my workout routine, but this came on and I was shimmying around my apartment for a good thirty minutes.

On the list of great songs that movies gave us, this has to be way up there.

(And the video effects at the end of this kill me…  WHY ARE THEY WET?!?)




The weekend is here!

Stumbled into a live Stevie performance from before my time, and when you run into a live Stevie performance, well…

Have a good weekend everyone!




‘Lessons from the Screenplay’ has quickly become my favorite video essay series in breaking down why some films and TV shows work (and some don’t)…

Today, Michael Tucker breaks down Killmonger and Black Panther, and to say I was enthused by his thesis is an understatement.





The past few years, the majority of my volunteer work has been with the Screening Committee for the LA Film Festival.  One of the films I advocated for last year was ‘G Funk’, which gathered most of the living legends of West Coast Hip Hop to talk about how they met each other, how they were inspired/influenced by George Clinton, and their run at the top of the rap world.  The film was selected for the Festival last year (which made me happy), and now I see it’s on YouTube as a ‘YouTube Original’.  So at this point, I can pass this recommendation on to the masses: if you’re in the mood for a trip down memory lane for this specific chapter of hip hop, it’s worth the 90 or so minutes.

I think calling today’s video the ‘best’ of the era is a bit much, but it’s definitely one of the most memorable for good and bad reasons.

Kurupt brought it lyrically though.





Tis the weekend!

Back on my grind, so I pulled from my favorites.

I was never the biggest Ne Yo fan, but have to give credit where it’s due.  This is one of the better covers of one of my favorite MJ songs.

Have a good one folks.




Pac emerging as a solo artist, and if I’m not mistaken, John’s first music video (if not, certainly very early in his directing career.)





Woo, this takes me back…

I remember being in the DJ booth when this vinyl came in.  The Beginning of Puff the Solo Artist.  We were old enough to recognize the classic song Puff was sampling but were dancing too hard to be critics.

Good times.  Bad Boy.  Can’t stop.  Won’t stop.

Image result for diddy chappelle gif





I was trying to figure out why I feel so conflicted when I heard this song this morning so I looked up the video…

‘Oh yeah, Case is karaoking a Stevie Wonder classic…’

‘Oh there’s Ja throwing up the W with Pauly Shore…’

‘Is that Baron Davis meeting them outside the Viper Room?’

In my mind, I’m singing along with Stevie and not Case when I hear this.

Nevertheless, enjoy!