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Taking you into this weekend with one of my favorite scene stealing performances in recent memory…

I rewatched ‘No Country for Old Men’ last night and forgot Margaret Bowman played a motel clerk in that one.  Not a hugely memorable role, but it made me go back and look up her one scene in ‘Hell or High Water’.  I remember seeing this in the theatre in Dallas.  Even watching it over again a few times this morning: she straight up kills this scene.  Nothing but joy and character actor envy.  You get one of these over the course of a career, you’re good.






Ahead of the the 1000th episode of ‘Smackdown’, WWE is putting out a lot of content related to the show.  This video today is one of the best pieces.

The Rock is literally a movie star of course, but as far as that show’s best wrestlers, Eddie Guerrero is almost certainly number one on the list.  It’s cool to see years later how much respect he still gets from his peers and the company.





And, another weekend…

Anyone who was a young man in the mid 90s who tells you they didn’t try to harmonize to this is a damn lie.  A DAMN LIE.

Have a good one gang.



Best. Worst. Weekend. Ever.

One of my favorite Golden Age stories I took to heart comes from Karl Malden.  When Brando was putting his directorial debut together, he called Malden to see if he would be interested, and Karl just said ‘Yep’, without knowing what the part was, let alone seeing the script.  I’ve heard it repeated in more professional settings as well: the more the merrier obviously, but if you have a handful of people who you are aces with, you’ll be alright.

(Also realize writing it out, that’s good life advice as well.)

Point here being for me, Brittany Garms is definitely one of my ‘automatic yes’ people.  First time we worked together was ‘Natalie Portman: the Musical’, then ‘Christian Bale: the Musical’; there was a time I remember the timing was the reason I couldn’t do a project.  But we’re good.

I knew she was involved in something at Netflix, imagine my surprise to find out she’s one of the leads in this new series debuting later this month.  Many of you know how dedicated I am to supporting the people in my orbit, so not much more I need to say about this, other than, enjoy the trailer!




Happy Birthday John.




Caught the trailer for the new Elton John biopic.  I don’t know.  I’m still a little more interested in the Freddie Mercury biopic, but that’s just me.

Anyway, the Elton trailer did put me in the mood for one of my favorite (sad) love songs.  So lyrical.