Video of the Day – ‘Back That Ass Up’

Why I can’t stand millenials, reason #923742… For the better part of twenty years, when this intro dropped, I thought of good times. Dallas. Nationals. A few other things you would have to subpoena me for to talk about publicly… The shuffle hit me with this yesterday, and… I immediately started giggling. The memes, the […]

Video of the Day – ‘Yesterday’

My buddy Dio sent this trailer to me this morning, and… Let me get this straight… A character, surnamed Malik, is transported to an alternate universe where the Beatles didn’t exist, and HE becomes the Beatles?!? I’m not exaggerating; I’ve been so white hot with envy I’ve been walking around most of today looking like […]

‘High Flying Bird’

Soderbergh’s latest, ‘High Flying Bird’ is now streaming on Netflix. A few quick points: Directed by Soderbergh is usually an automatic plus one. The ensemble is rounded out by Bill Duke, Zazie Beets, and Sonja Sohn. And when features usually take their time, this one clocked in at 90 minutes. That’s like a plus seven […]