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Warner Brothers, you sneaky studio…

When the world is more in a mood for a silly Dark Knight, we get the silliest of them all.  ‘Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders’ is the latest animated film from WB Animation, and it’s a homerun (for what it is).

Reuniting Adam West and Burt Ward as the Dynamic Duo who was the introduction to Batman for most kids, this film is silly and absurd in all the ways the 1966 TV show was.  Only Julie Newmar is still living on the villain side, and she reprises Catwoman along with three great sound alikes for Penguin, Joker, and the Riddler.  The plot is ridiculous, and only makes less sense as the movie goes, but so what?  Animation is the reason the original actors can reprise these characters, and animation opens the door for a TON of in jokes for the adults, that cover everything from the homoerotic nature of a grown man living with a teenage boy, to Frank Miller to the Tim Burton films to the Chris Nolan films.

Is this an all time classic?  Nahhh.  But you want a version of Batman you can watch with your youngest with no worries?  Here you go.

Must see for Batman completionists.



Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated was founded on December 4th, 1906.

The ideals are Scholarship, Manly Deeds, and Love for All Mankind.

In 2016, as much as any year before, my personal commitment to serve my religious community and all mankind has really come to the surface.

So four years from now, when I accept the nomination for President of the United States, I’m already counting on my opponent to remind everyone that this was the walk out song I chose for my last stepshow.

(This is true, that video will surface online sooner as opposed to later.)

Anyway, it’s the weekend.  Happy Anniversary to the Brothers, and everyone else, have a good one.





Ladies and gentlemen, live from Coachella…

Kamasi Washington.





Things have been so understandably serious lately, feels like it’s been a good year since a song choice went into ‘out of left field’…

So today is that day.  I’m in that small community who could have told you twenty years ago this guy is a passable singer, now the world knows.  Hear this is a good family movie as well…





Tis the season for this music folks.  What else needs to be said?






The fantastic hypothetical, ‘What would you do if you had to kill your spouse as a matter of national security?’ is the basis of Allied, the new Robert Zemeckis film that opened this week.

Two of the world’s beautiful people, Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, star as the potentially doomed couple in a film that right away goes all in to its connection to Casablanca.  Playing a pair of World War II spies, the story starts in a slow burn as we’re drawn into the world these two inhabit, before the hammer of the hypothetical question is given to Brad Pitt’s character.  I’m not the first to say this, but in the special effects everything era, a story that is as good as this one is at one upping the dramatic tension for so long is welcome.  The answer to whether Marion Cotillard’s character is a double agent…I won’t spoil it for you.  I will say her ‘block’, as the beautiful woman who seems like she would randomly stab you in the chest in your sleep, she still owns that corner.  Talia Al’Ghul forever.

Don’t know how much ‘awards strategy’ is behind the release date, but either way this was a good one.



It’s a holiday weekend gang!

Eat well, don’t get caught up in too much politics if that comes to your table, and most of all, be thankful we’re all still here.

See you next week.




Still in a Denzel state of mind for a variety of reasons.  I know many of you won’t mind today’s song choice.




Dec 1969 Altamont  
sheet 492 frame 36

This is going to be a pretty quick week right?  So let’s try to find some moments of peace.






The movie adaptation of August Wilson’s ‘Fences’ is fantastic.  Debatably the most well known play in the ten play cycle, Denzel directs the film version with virtually the entire cast in tact from the Broadway version that won him a Tony.

‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ came to mind a lot while I watched this.  Like that film, the camera doesn’t move a lot; from what I hear, there are going to be other films in the next couple of months that mesmerizing cinematography will come from.  You come to Fences for the great writing, and the great acting.  And you get it.  Without spoiling too much of the story for those unfamiliar, the audience I was in really turned against Denzel’s character by the end of the film (which is one of the best compliments I can give to one of the most admired actors of all time, period).  And Viola Davis?  Ma’am, I know you caught the short end of the stick the year we thought you would win for The Help, but that aside…

On the page, this is a supporting performance.  On the screen, naw.  And I’m really looking forward to seeing four or five other female performances this season that are genuinely in this league.

Here’s the crazy thing: my favorite performance in the film wasn’t even either of the two leads; it was Mykelti Williamson as Denzel’s brother.  He was only in a few scenes, but as they say, there are no small roles (especially when the writing is this strong…)

So yeah, Christmas release.  High, high, high recommend.