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Video One this week is one of the few bass lines I (or any beginner) can play on the guitar.

As for Freddie Mercury and this outfit, what else can you say?

Hell, what needs to be said?!?






A hip hop ending to this week.

Spotify threw me one of my favorite albums from my generation, so we’ll go with one of the ‘other’ singles.

Man these boys could flow…

Have a good one folks!




The role player/character actor tribe lost a good one today.

In retrospect, the first time I saw Frank Vincent was the ‘fire hydrant’ scene in ‘Do the Right Thing’.  Like most of you though, I’ll always associate him with gangster flicks: ‘Raging Bull’, ‘Casino’, ‘The Sopranos’…

and of course, this all-time, all-time classic scene in one of the best movies of my lifetime…

Rest in Peace Sir.




Today, we go back to music.

Even as a kid, I thought wearing our clothes backward was a stupid fad.

Yes of course I did it when we had ‘Backwards Day.’



‘White Like Me’



Found out over the weekend how deeply my family in Houston was affected by one hurricane, and how old classmates are in the path of Irma.  So instead of a musical diversion to start the weekend, we’re going comedy…

This, has always been my favorite Eddie Murphy thing.  Not ‘Coming to America’. Not ‘Raw.’ Not ‘Delirious’.  Some pure silliness (the walk, the ‘Tiger Woods’ voice), some ‘there’s some layers to this bit’ which you know I go for.

Went down an SNL rabbit hole last week and was surprised to find it.





Just had the best nap of 2017.  Time to get back to making the donuts.

Figured I’d start this short week, with some old, washed up dude…

(Inside joke for the sports fans…love my team but ain’t no way I can cosign that one…)

Kids today…




Heading into a long weekend, and a memorable weekend for a number of reasons, and the Shuffle sent me one of my anthems.

To the Muslim Community, Eid Mubarak!

To the majority of you, enjoy the Labor Day weekend.




Yep, the party is still going.

Homie sent me the link to the ‘This Is: Michael Jackson’ playlist on Spotify yesterday…

Been sweating for a good 36 hours straight and I’m not even mad.





If you know me personally, you know my personality, you know the city I’ve called home in my adult life, you know the shorts I’ve written and directed…then you know this man’s influence.

Happy Birthday Mike.




Start of the new week.

Another ‘Official’ video.

You know what this is.