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Today is normally reserved for ‘love/sex’ tunes I know, but this more than earned the spot to start the weekend.

Among many conversations about ‘how do actors of color get to the A-list if they can’t even get a chance to have a ‘breakthrough’ film?’ and the ever present ‘but it won’t sell overseas’, comes this trailer…

Can’t even put an estimate on the number of people who I imagine want to grab a studio exec by the neck and scream ‘THIS IS GOING TO TURN A PROFIT!!!’

Alas, have a great weekend everybody!



In an old school mood.  Let’s go classic today.




We all got our ‘Uncle Denzel’ jokes in, but I’m all in.

(And you know you are too.)


Soul fans know we lost someone else this weekend who gave us one of (if not THE) most iconic songs about having your cake and eating it too.

Rest in Peace Mr. Paul.




Wow.  Everyone is going to come at this from different angles.  I’ll touch on what struck the biggest chords with me.

Most artists (yours truly included) like to dance that line between what you definitely know about them, and what you think you know, but really can’t prove.  So when the short started, and a lot of the poetry and music was about a cheating man…sure I understood jumping to the conclusion, but mentally I was still fully into ‘this is what she wants us to think.’

Then, came, what was it? Track 3?  With the direct callback to ‘the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain?’ and the ‘God complex’, by the time we made it to the end you got Big Pimpin caressing ankles?!?

None of us can still ‘prove’ anything today that we didn’t know last night.  But…MAN.

Speaking of Track 3, when she broke out the Malcolm reference and cut to the clip of him chastising us because the black woman is the most disrespected and abused person on Earth…I’m very comfortable where I’m at in terms of ‘part of the solution or part of the problem?’  But still, it was enough to hit that Shame button and ask myself ‘Am I doing enough?’  And within the context of that song, not about me at all.

The past few days, a lot of us have been having the conversation of ‘we will always have pop stars, but who’s really going for it artistically?’  I’ve always appreciated Beyonce as a pop star, but these last couple of videos and live performances…I’m here for this evolution.  ‘Lemonade’ really, really works as a ‘visual album’. I don’t think I looked away the whole hour; my film geekness for the imagery mixed with the music was completely peaked.

If you haven’t gotten to it yet, carve out that hour before HBO takes it down.



Little Red Corvette.

Sexy MF.

I Hate U. (my all time favorite single of his)

Diamonds and Pearls.

Scandalous (from the 1989 ‘Batman’ soundtrack, which in case you forgot was ALL him.)

How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore?


On a personal level, the best concert I’ve ever been to. An instant classic, and today I’m more certain than ever it will never be topped:

Prince’s 21 Nite Stand – Great Western Forum – May 28, 2011

An Icon.  I feel lucky to have grown up in this time and watch him evolve as an artist, I feel REALLY lucky to have seen him perform so many of his classics live.

Nothing more I can say that I’m sure others have said in various ways.  I can’t remember the last time I posted two videos in one day, but if ANYONE deserves that level of respect…

And of course…

Enjoy the weekend gang.


This has been out, what, a month?  But to be fair…

Spoilers, cursing and stories of cell phones thrown at the screen ahead…

So first, this is not the worst thing I’ve ever seen.  Relax fanboys.  Honestly, it’s not even in the conversation of ‘worst live action film with Batman in the title’ (your legacy is safe Joel Schumacher).

What killed me (not as a Batman fan but as a storyteller) watching this though: the epic superhero movie Warners wanted (and needed) is inside this movie.  They shot it.  I don’t doubt at all looking at what’s onscreen the confidence was high.  Call it ‘film geek frustration’ if you want, but I think one or two more full edits would have gone a LONG way into fixing most of the issues.

So let’s break it down, starting with the good:

  • I believe in Ben Affleck.  If you wanted to argue he’s been the best so far at being both an above average and believable Bruce Wayne AND Dark Knight, I might not have a problem with that.  The sequence of him mimicking my workout routine and doing pull-ups with a monster truck tire chained to his waist, I was impressed.  And he’s a very credible filmmaker behind the camera.  When HE’S in the director’s chair telling one of my stories? Sign me up.  I’m already there.
  • Believe it or not, I had a legit fist pump during this film.  Heroes are only as good as the villains they have to overcome, so when Lex threw that one two punch of pushing Lois off the skyscraper THEN revealing he kidnapped Ma Kent…YES!!! Figure out and go after the people the Boy Scout can’t imagine living without! That’s WAY more compelling and relatable than Kryptonite! That could have been a movie by itself! (I know, I know…)
  • This is Snyder’s strength: there are some really great images and stills you can grab from this film.  (Most of them were rushed into the trailer, but still.) The first time the Trilogy stands together.  The Dark Knight scouting the crime scene. The Boy Scout floating in the sky is always cool.

So it’s not all bad.  But having said that…

  • Film geek talking, but I lost track of how many times I said to myself ‘This isn’t so bad, they’re gaining momentum,’ followed by ‘WHAT. WAS. THAT.’  Starting with the end of that opening montage of my parents being killed for the umpteenth time, and ending with Doomsday about to destroy of all of us and giving me and Wonder Woman all they can handle, and Lois pulling the ‘Please Baby Don’t Go’ move.  REALLY?  HUMANITY IS ABOUT TO BE WIPED OUT, AND YOUR BOYFRIEND IS LITERALLY OUR ONLY HOPE AND YOU’RE TRYING TO STOP HIM?!?  GET THE PHUCK OUT OF HERE LOIS!!!! (Yes that’s when my phone went flying.)
  • You don’t want to be a Marvel copycat.  Good move, smart move. But…I mean…no humor?  Like not even some a few more ad-libs?  It’s a comic book movie guys.  Why so serious?
  • I loved Lex’s dialogue, and you already know how I feel about his plan.  The characterization by Eisenberg (who I generally like) not so much.  And I’m all the way down for trying something a little bit different to freshen up/modernize these characters (as I slip my headshot to WB Casting for Green Lantern), but this version of Lex, nope.  Loved the intellect, but not enough ‘strength’.

So final verdict: some cool stuff in there that almost immediately gets cancelled out by something absurd (even by comic book standards).

Final Grade:


Paying tribute today to those of you celebrating the ‘holiday’…

You know who you are…



The ‘Off the Wall’ vs ‘Thriller’ debate had a little traction this week, thus today’s song choice.

My favorite ‘underrated’ track off that album (if you consider any of those songs underrated).



Happy with where all my characters end up. Happy with all the resolutions (or lack thereof).

Put in the work. Ready to re-balance and be social this summer (for awhile at least).

This one always puts a smile on my face; let’s charge into the week.



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