One K!

The numbers tell me this is post 1,000 on this site.  ONE THOUSAND! So now is as good of a time as any to say thank you.  Whether you come here daily, weekly, or whenever the mood strikes. Whether you come for the music or the politics. Whether you come to hear my opinions on […]


You guys can thank W. Kamau Bell for today’s post… On the last episode of the ‘Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor Ever’ podcast, they finally got around to ‘Glory.’  No one really argues about this film. I had to go back and look up the clip below though.  I remember the first time I […]

R.I.P. Sherman Hemsley

  The stats tell me today was one of those days my blog exploded; no surprise since The Jeffersons were obviously part of the ‘Most Important Black TV Shows’ list I did a few years ago when I started this. Rest in Peace Sherman Hemsley.  Your comedic timing was special.  

For Spike…

  It’s funny how ‘timing’ plays out sometimes.  Between Red Tails, the Help, and Sundance, there’s been a lot of public and private conversations already this year about the direction of where black cinema is going.  Everyone has their own opinions, but the truth is none of us can look at the landscape and say, ‘This […]

Most Important Black Films: A Soldier’s Story

  So like a lot of you, I’m getting geared up to see Red Tails in a couple of weeks.  To get my mind ready for that, I went on Netflix Instant this weekend and rewatched A Soldier’s Story for the first time in what must have been 2o years.  The trailers already let us […]

Classified X

  It’s both impossible and unfair to expect any one film to try to explain the entire history of African-Americans in cinema.  But I tell you what, ‘Classified X’ is as close as they come. This documentary, written and narrated by Melvin Van Peebles, traces the history of blacks in cinema, and how movies, Hollywood […]

Most Important Black Films & TV Shows 2.0

  The metrics I get back have made it clear that the signature piece of this blog in its lifetime has been ‘The 25 Most Important Black Films & TV Shows’ that I wrote a couple years back.  When new people seek out either me or a project I talked about, the search engines will […]

What are My Favorite Movies?

So awhile back my friend @thecheesefry turned me on to Flickchart, and I promised after I ranked 1000 films (a solid number I think for anyone who calls himself a film geek) that I would post what my favorites are. The question I used when ranking was this, “It’s Sunday afternoon, there is nothing on […]

Honorable Mention

One of the side effects of being in the house so much lately is catching up on movies on TV/DVD.  One of the films I caught maybe should have been on my 25 Most Important Black Film list from a couple years ago.  Maybe. Regardless, I’m not changing the past, but will give this a […]