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The weekend!

I didn’t realize til this morning the Oscars nominations come out Tuesday, so we’ll take a few days off from the movie reviews and see how that falls.

In the meantime, something upbeat to start the weekend.

And I miss Heavy D.

Have a good one gang!





Here’s your musical palette cleanser as we’re already halfway through the week.  I’m in good spirits so we’re going upbeat.

(And now that I’m older, I appreciate the Chuck Berry and Little Richard references in this video.)





Happy MLK weekend everyone!

Some of the Black Panther conversations I’ve had this week turned into ‘What other pop culture things felt like everyone had to see it right away (before we had social media)?’

Michael Jackson video premieres definitely were on the list, thus today’s choice (particularly with the cast, setting and director of this one).

Next movie review Monday night.  If you’re not working the next few days, enjoy yourself!




Just because…

Told the homie yesterday I realized there’s a certain starlet I’ll always associate with a Beatles song.

Just because, not counting layovers at McCarran, have my mind on this year’s Vegas day trip.

Just because, they finally posted an HD version of this video.

Just because I love this song.





A solemn day for my tribe today. Marek Jacobs, one of the young brothers who brought me into Alpha at the University of Kansas, passed away after a fight with stomach cancer.

I can’t tell you the specific first time I met Brother Jacobs, but I imagine it was something along the lines of the picture you see above.  He was one of the brothers who was DJ’ing the Burge parties when I was a freshman, and I was one of the young brothers who would post up every Saturday night in front of or right behind the DJ table.  When I crossed the burning sands, I was one of the brothers who he passed the torch of the KU radio show, ‘The Hip Hop Hype’, to.  The very first documentary I did in Lawrence, which I can’t tell you the title anymore, but the subject was young black men adjusting to living/going to a school on a predominantly white campus; Marek was there.

When word got to me he was in a hospice, I sent a card to him, just to reiterate my appreciation for him.  He didn’t live to see it, but I hope he’s at peace now.  One of my last, best memories of him was after one of my shorts showed up on BET, and Sanaa Lathan read my biography afterward.  He loved that.  He saw something I did on TV.  He saw a movie star name check KU on TV.  He saw a return on his investment in me.  That makes me happy.

Tomorrow is promised to none of us.  Appreciate your people while they’re here.  And appreciate your own gifts.




We’re getting within range…





This one keeps popping up on my feeds.  Not a holiday song technically, but damn if it doesn’t fit the general mood of the season (or it should…)





The holiday creeping felt like it came along REALLY early this year…

But now it actually is December, so we can start mixing in some holiday selections.

The Standard.





Still enjoying happiness.  Riding it until it last.

This came highly recommended before I found it.  My people know me well.





I was coming out of the holiday yesterday when it hit me.  2017 has been a year.  Sometimes all in one day, furious, depressed, hopeless, and the list goes on.

The plans for 2018 have been banked, so on a personal level I don’t really have any complaints.  I didn’t even realize anything was off.  The other day I posted a Luther song on one of my accounts, and the homie Ben posed the question, ‘What’s your favorite Luther song?’  Today’s song is the answer.

I realized I hadn’t listened to it in a little while.  I ended up going down a ‘My Favorite Love Songs’ rabbit hole.  My chest opened up.  I felt really, really alive for the first time in, man, I can’t remember.

That’s when I realized this has been the first year of my life where the romantic part of my personality was all but gone.  My lust/libido is as strong as its ever been (thanks Instagram), but just too many other things occupying that time and space I used to make for love.  It is what it is.

So one thing I’m already promising myself for 2018 is not losing track of one of the best parts of my personality. Onward.