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The weekend is here!

Getting things done, so one song this weekend.  It’s getting super beautiful, super quickly in Cali right now, so this feels right.

Have a good one folks!





La weekend!

Been perfect cruising weather in LA the past couple of weekends so a summer tune to take us out of the week.

One of the great hooks in the ‘hip hop love song’ pantheon list as well.

Have a good weekend gang!




How about some music?

I already had this one earmarked for today, then a few more answers/solutions I have been seeking turned in my favor, and now it’s officially a mood.





Ramadan 2018 is within range.

I have a lot to say, but still a month to go, so for today, patience…

And we party walk…




Spinning a lot of plates right now; let me get this music in while I’m thinking about it.

Wouldn’t think a sample of ‘Lady In My Life’ would work so well, especially when I didn’t recognize it when this first came out.   But there you go…





Today’s song is one of the better ‘intros to the national scene’ of my generation.  Everyone I knew loved this song and these lyrics and this lady when it first hit us.





I have no earthly idea why this song is so hard to track down…

But for whatever reason it was on my mind (guess I’m in a Golden Age mood this week,) and I looked for a video link, and I’ve been party walking all day to one of my all time favorite hip hop beats.





Monday.  Still in a very lyrical, hip hop mood.

And I can’t believe this hasn’t been a Song of the Day before, but that gets corrected right now.





It’s the weekend!

This popping up in my feed both made me excited as I forgot how innovative this video was, and misty eyed because it took me back to my DJ mentor Uncanny whose not with us anymore.

Have a good one gang.  Take nothing for granted.




As a semi appreciation for ‘Atlanta’, one of the better videos from its homegrown talent.

(And I forgot Tyrese was the leader of the rival gang…)