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The boy can flow.  The boy can flow…




His birthday just passed, but Malcolm has been on my mind a lot heading into this Ramadan.  Not Spike’s dramatization of his life.  Not even Malcolm’s own dramatization, as expressed in the Autobiography.  I’m referring to the thorough breakdown provided in Manning Marable’s great book.

After he was gone, Malcolm’s legacy continues to grow internationally and it’s certainly everlasting.  But in his final days, he was all too aware the organization he gave his adult life to was trying to kill him.  The federal government had its eyes and ears on him (much closer than he probably realized).  He’s still one of the best orators and fundraisers for his cause, but in the immediate aftermath of his life, he left very little for his children financially.  At the end of the day, even the best among us are still human: what does carrying all that stress do to a man’s psyche?

God’s Plan for me to this point has played out as a series of ‘lessons learned from my heroes’: I’m more popular than I ever intended to be, but still have an extremely small inner circle, built on decades of trust and drama free bonding.  Financial stability taking priority over building a family.  The President of the United States is an overt Islamaphobe, but day by day the Resistance meets him with the checks and balances built in the system.

Hope, for the future.

Something I heard this week really struck a chord with me: You can’t be a person of faith and question God’s timing in the same breath.

As I’ve spent the past year locking back into my path, I’ve felt a lot of anger over time lost.  But I can’t have it both ways.  Human emotion shouldn’t be repressed, but at the same time, I shouldn’t let the scope of my ambition blind me to the progress that’s being made toward the endgame.  Even if I’m frustrated with the pace.

God’s timing.  Will of the Force. Trust the Process.  By whatever name you call it, I’ve improved on accepting things as they are (for now) and not as how I think they should be in my mind’s eye.  I’m still here, there’s still time.  I feel balanced in both my personal ambitions and also in doing what I can to serve the generation coming up behind me.

Good mindset to start Ramadan.

See you in June.



Stepping up a decade from yesterday to bring you into the 80s and one of the most iconic music videos of all time.  Last song for awhile so tried not to be too esoteric today.




Curtis Mayfield

Never a bad day to go straight soul.  Debatably more iconic than the title song of the soundtrack it came off of.

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Spotify continued its candidacy for ‘Favorite Addition to My Routine’ in the past couple years when it threw this one at me this morning.

Was having flashbacks to Pizza Shuttle Sprites, Perkins after the set, and days swiftly passed.  Specific references to a specific moment in the Life.





The weekend!

Sun is out, mood is good.  Today we give in to lust.

Have a good one gang!




Got into a conversation about songwriting today and went down a rabbit hole of well constructed lyrics.

Which leads to today’s choice.  The melody doesn’t hurt either.




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Never had any desire to go to Coachella…

But now feel like I need to scalp my way into the next Hans Zimmer show…

Enjoy (cause you know I am…)




Made it to another weekend!

This one isn’t in the rotation all the time anymore, but every time I hear it, as soon as the beat hits, I’m like ‘Yep, this is a first ballot Hall of Famer.’

Take care of each other.  Another movie review Sunday night.





Ran into an 80s playlist today, so you’re getting one of the most famous guitar riffs of all time for today’s song choice.

Sounds a little silly to say now, but also an innovative video at the time.