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Turned on to some new music today.  I don’t pretend to be in the loop, but based on this, this kid is on my radar now.  Right in my wheelhouse.





The weekend is upon us.

I haven’t heard any complaints about playing ‘catch up’ with the official Prince videos.

And I highly doubt I ever will…

Have a good one gang. Catch you on the other side.




A 90s playlist provides today’s song choice.

We’ve all gotten jokes and a half off this man (and these ridiculous pants).  But if you’re old enough, you had the song and at minimum, you had some knock off of the pants.

There’s no shame in admitting it anymore.





The Halloween/creep factor of today’s video is a happy coincidence.  Got hit with an 80s playlist today and this gem popped up.

Have to chuckle because, in my entire life, I’m pretty sure this still holds the title for ‘We all know why this became a hit record, right?’





New week.  There is a LOT that could be talked about/debated/expressed here, but for today at least, we’ll stick to music.

The ‘For Malik’ mix threw this one at me.  Not for the 100th time let me say, ‘Well done Spotify.’





Have to end this week with something from the catalog of the man who used his voice and platform to say what many are feeling.

Not that I ever doubted where he stood but still when I saw the cipher…

Image result for charles dutton gif

Have a good weekend gang!




A hip hop day on the playlists.

On top of having four of the best of their generation, I especially like how the way the song is organized, thematically and lyrically, it sounds like a ‘one up’ contest.

And good Lord, Tip brought it home at the end.





The Golden Age Hip Hop station was the soundtrack as I ran my Sunday errands today, so we’re starting this week with one of rap’s first classic jams.





We made it to another weekend.

When I hear this now, I think ‘this could be the song everyday.’

Today was just the day I decided to post it.

Have a good weekend everyone.




Grinding through the week.  Stumbled into my favorite love song but this member of the Hollywood royalty.