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Lot of real, interesting conversations and threads away from the social media streets lead to today’s song choice.

And have you ever had someone say ‘Man, not another Sade song?’

If you have, they’re not really your friend.





Well, I wasn’t planning for this to be ‘Trios Week’.  But we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

Today, I just feel funky.





Grooving into the weekend.

Don’t think anyone will mind a little De La as we keep it moving, do you?

Didn’t think so.





Many of you have watched me adjust to a life of order.  The weird days, the peaceful days, and the resentful days.  I’ve never been the hold on to anger type, really, but it’s human to look back at things you would do differently, knowing what you know now.

Today I was reminded of another cycle I’ve been breaking in real time; the place where you go from ‘intaking as much information as possible because you’re inquisitve/aware/woke’ to being overtaken by knowing so much.  Hitting the off switch, even in a time before we had all this ‘media’, is not one of the things I was taught; it’s something I’ve had to learn.  And relearn. And relearn again.

Make no mistake, I think it’s important to think about if x happens then y might happen, then z.  Obsessing over ‘z’ when x is still in play though, that’s a flaw of mine I own up to.

Getting more comfortable daily knowing when and where to hit the ‘off’ button, and turn my attention back to matters at hand.  Always a process, but the results are starting to show up.

So on that note, new week.  Track 1.  Let’s do this.




The weekend!

With all due respect to you Bob Marley fans, it’s been brought to my attention that 4/20 was also this man’s birthday.

My favorite song from the best pure vocalist of my childhood.

Have a good one folks!




Still playing catch up but slowing getting back into my routine.

Somehow James Taylor has never graced this virtual jukebox.  That changes today.





Back from the vacay.  Thought about waiting until tomorrow to posting a song…

But this grabbed my attention.  You know why…





Lived to see another weekend!

Been full of joy the past couple days, in part I’m sure cause I’m squeezing in a quick vacation.  Short of blowing up the world, I’m not going to let *45 steal my joy for a couple of days.

So this is the right song choice for today.  To those who celebrate, Happy Easter.  Going to be a busy summer, see you on the other side.




First, of course, Rest in Peace Charlie Murphy.  Like all of you, I had no idea he was that sick.  He’s already missed.

For today’s song, there’s a new Kamasi Washington album on the way.  And I’m all in on GP.





Haven’t officially acknowledged baseball season yet, so we’re going in that direction today.

Caught every Royals game thanks to MLB.TV and I’m officially spoiled.  Only been a week but as others have said before me, it’s looking like a potential long season not that our bullpen are mere mortals again.

Anyway, mid April, it’s the right time for this.