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Pac emerging as a solo artist, and if I’m not mistaken, John’s first music video (if not, certainly very early in his directing career.)






Woo, this takes me back…

I remember being in the DJ booth when this vinyl came in.  The Beginning of Puff the Solo Artist.  We were old enough to recognize the classic song Puff was sampling but were dancing too hard to be critics.

Good times.  Bad Boy.  Can’t stop.  Won’t stop.

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I was trying to figure out why I feel so conflicted when I heard this song this morning so I looked up the video…

‘Oh yeah, Case is karaoking a Stevie Wonder classic…’

‘Oh there’s Ja throwing up the W with Pauly Shore…’

‘Is that Baron Davis meeting them outside the Viper Room?’

In my mind, I’m singing along with Stevie and not Case when I hear this.

Nevertheless, enjoy!




Still a catchy pop song.  And I always thought the concept behind this video is brilliant.

Before Beyonce or Britney Spears or Ariana Grande (or whoever the kids dream about these days), we had Janet.

When she steady gives the camera ‘the Look’…

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Humpday for most of you, the end of the work week for me.

Heading to a homie’s wedding, so this feels like a perfect song to go out on.

Have a good one folks.  See you Sunday.




My Discover Weekly playlist this week was in a romantic mood evidently.  Sent me this winner from the ‘Love Jones’ soundtrack.

(Singing along with the chorus, can’t lie…)





Welcome back! And now it’s the weekend!

Pretty chill this way, so how about a live Luther performance?

Back Sunday night.





We’re still here.

Enjoy the day off everyone.




Sleep pattern back in rhythm.

Appetite back in rhythm.

Mentally ready to put in this work.

Me right now:





Started the holiday week with some music…

My avatar in MLB The Show 18 just called up by the Braves, and I’m trying to figure out how to make him do the Bankhead Bounce after he hits a home run.

(Ask your parents kids…)