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And, another weekend…

Anyone who was a young man in the mid 90s who tells you they didn’t try to harmonize to this is a damn lie.  A DAMN LIE.

Have a good one gang.




It’s not just the weekend but a holiday weekend at that.

I’ll be in Dallas supporting my team (FIGHT ON!) so no Soapbox on Sunday.

Back Monday night.  Be safe and enjoy yourselves!



Oh man, so many memories here.

The song…

The Spring Break trips…

The Club, where the playas dwell…

The ride home from the club, in the back of the Escalade…

(woops…you didn’t hear that.  Hey everybody, look over here…)

As I was saying, today’s song is by the R&B group 112, who made it big with Puffy and Bad Boy Records.  This is their first nationwide hit.