‘Trojan War’ On Demand!

No song this weekend. I haven’t made this announcement here yet but… Our 30 for 30 ‘Trojan War’ is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Netflix.  For those of you outside the U.S. (or without cable), you can watch our film anytime and nearly anywhere you please. That’s your weekend homework, enjoy!

Exit Interview

So ‘Trojan War’ is done and a living product now, officially.  It’s been a great ride, a ton of memories I’ll never forget, chief among them the outpouring of support. I love my people.  In every possible way that statement can be interpreted. Beyond the superficial links between us, that sense of ‘take care of […]

Thank You

Overwhelmed. Aaron and I have both watched ‘Trojan War’ repeatedly before tonight; there was a ‘USC premiere’ and a ‘Hollywood premiere’ last week, so we both felt good about how the ‘core demographic’ would react.  But still… This week, and today especially, the sheer number of you who reposted, retweeted, and otherwise spread the word […]

Song of the Day – ‘Spirit of Troy’

(updating Career Bucket List…) ‘Producer on a feature film before I hit 40?’ – Check. Pull off the rare ‘one for us and one for them’ at the same time? – Check. Work with a cast member from my all time favorite show The Wire ? – Check. Work on my favorite current documentary series, 30 for […]

Early Review of ‘Trojan War’

The press screening last night was a surreal experience for yours truly.  I’m so used to supporting my friends and their projects, it’s really different when you’re one of the centers of attention. We seem to have pleased our core demographic.  Next Tuesday we’ll see how the world overall sees it. Until then, here’s an […]

‘Trojan War’ – Official Trailer!

ESPN released the Official Trailer for ‘Trojan War’ today. It’s been the standard on this particular project, but as much as this strokes my own ego and vanity, I can watch this a thousand times just to see the name of one of my aces on the screen. ONE WEEK!!!!!

‘Trojan War’

I hope ALL of you are here for this! So the promotion is in full swing now.  ‘Trojan War’ the doc directed by my ace Aaron Rahsaan Thomas (with a lovely Associate Producer credit given to yours truly) debuts on ESPN, Tuesday October 13th, 9/8 CST. We have plenty of time over the next few […]