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‘I, Tonya’



Someone called this ‘Goodfellas for the ice skating world’.  That’s actually, pretty accurate.

Beyond the blond bombshell stuff, I knew Margot Robbie could actually act.  So I wasn’t shocked to see how well she took to the accent and (I don’t even know if this is the best way to phrase this) ‘toned down’ the hot girl act to play this woman who I’m old enough to remember as being the biggest villain in America for a news cycle when I was younger.

As is often the case with movies like this, the thrill comes in the supporting cast (of idiots) that made this woman’s life and career fall apart.  Mark Hamill clone Sebastian Stan gets to do more acting than I can remember him doing outside of a Marvel movie as Jeff Gilooly, playing both hero and villain, depending on who’s narrative we’re listening to at that moment (one of the filmmaking tricks I enjoyed most here).

Part of the awards season storyline this year though is Alison Janney, the career character actress going villain here to play Tonya Harding’s mother.  Just enough sympathy to not be a one note character, and still despicable at almost every turn.  Like most TV/film people, I’ve been a fan of hers since the West Wing.  I’d love to see her win.

Doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but fun film nevertheless.





Based on the best selling novel, the industry was stunned when Emily Blunt got a SAG Award nomination for ‘The Girl on the Train.’  The question is, is it better than some of the other ‘high profile’ performances that will likely get an Oscar nom in the morning?

‘Better’ is relative obviously, but as far as popcorn movies go, it’s not a bad lead performance.  The story (in short) is a woman (Blunt) prone to blackout binge drinking rides the train everyday past her old home.  Her husband still lives there with his second wife and their baby.  When their nanny turns up dead, all hell breaks loose.

The story is a little soapy for my taste, but the cast is solid and is filled with enough likable actresses in supporting roles (Alison Janney, Lisa Kudrow, Haley Bennett continuing to make us double take and ask, wait is that Jennifer Lawrence?)

Again, it’s not a prestige pic, but it’s exactly what you think it is, like most popcorn pics.