2018 Voiceover Reel

Worked away from the camera lately, setting the baseline for my voiceover work.  Like being in front of the camera, you try to gravitate toward things you’re naturally passionate about, so for this I went to ‘The Book of Basketball’, the beginnings of black cinema, and luxury cars. Enjoy.


  Wearing your emotions on your sleeve (to a fault sometimes), refusing to conform even when it’s sometimes in your best interest, being the underdog, being the little guy, enduring when sometimes bad things happen to you beyond your control, being hip hop at the core, maybe above all else, being true to yourself and […]


You all know who my team is.  But as you see above, my favorite player from my generation never played for the Lakers. An undersized guy among Giants.  Wears his flaws on his sleeve.  A natural born underdog, rebel, and non-conformist. ‘Iverson’ gives you all the highlights of what made ‘the Answer’ so appealing to […]