So everyone knows I’m a Brando guy, and I’ve talked about how ‘Last Tango in Paris’ was a major influence on how I built the character I used in “Lady In My Life.” So when one of the first things I heard about ‘Shame’ was that it was on some ‘Last Tango’ type ish, I […]

I Love L.A. – #4 Sunset Boulevard

  Last week I had to drop off some CDs to a friend of mine who lives in Brentwood.  Rush hour traffic on the 405…yeah.  So I took the scenic route home, traveling on Sunset Boulevard through Hollywood.  Traveling east, you pass by two of the three things I’ve already written about in this space: […]

I Love L.A. – #3 Arclight Cinemas

  In a company town like this, there is no shortage of screens to see films, old and new.  I get out to the Landmark once in a while, the Grove is still nice just because of the shopping center that surrounds it.  From a purely film geek, filmgoer experience, I will always have a […]