Metaphors Coming Full Circle…

  RACHEL: ‘What will you do?’ BRUCE: ‘Rebuild it.  Just the way it was, brick for brick.’ ALFRED: ‘Just the way it was, sir?’ BRUCE: ‘Yeah.  Why?’ ALFRED: ‘I thought this might be a good opportunity for improving the foundations.’ BRUCE: ‘In the southeast corner…’ ALFRED: ‘Precisely sir…’  

End of a Dark Era

A lot going down over the next seven days, so let’s try to not squash everything into next weekend… I don’t fly my fanboy/geek colors for a lot of things at this point, but one of the few has been this generation’s version of ‘the Batman’.  Some interesting comic book turns, two great video games […]

Batman: Year One

  The latest animated feature from Warner Bros. Animation is a very faithful recreation of the classic comic, ‘Batman: Year One.’ (In the interest of full disclosure I’ll tell you that I’ve met the director of this film, Sam Liu, and talked briefly about the Batman.  Not on any kind of business thing, just one […]

Inspirations – The Batman

  The Batman is well known to be my favorite fictional character.  Popular for 70 years and running, I’m going to assume you know the basics either through regular pop culture or the massive success of the Chris Nolan movies.  So the angle I’m taking here is to talk about my five favorite Batman stories […]