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The numbers tell me this is post 1,000 on this site.  ONE THOUSAND! So now is as good of a time as any to say thank you.  Whether you come here daily, weekly, or whenever the mood strikes. Whether you come for the music or the politics. Whether you come to hear my opinions on other people’s projects or want to know more about when I have something out there to promote.  Whether you come to see me be a complete nut or be deeply spiritual and introspective.

I enjoy it, I enjoy all of it.  And I appreciate all of you.  Some I’ve known since teenage years, a few who knew me before there was really a ‘me’ crawling around.  A few new-ish friends who quickly become a type of family.  Some of you we’ve gone on separate ways and (one of the better things about the interwebs) we find as each other as adults and build relationships we weren’t ready for when we first met.  Some of you motivate me more than you know, and I sense sometimes the feeling is mutual.  And some of you I’ll probably never meet ‘in real life’ and this is our ‘thing’.  Such is life these days.

Anyway, so much has happened, just skimming over the first thousand.  What will happen by the time I get to 2K?  I’m looking forward to it.

Cheers to you all.  Ladies and Gentlemen, once again, the Carleton Singing Knights!




Oh come on, did we really need another cover of ‘God Only Knows’?  You can’t really top the original.

Fine I’ll check it out…

(clicks Play…)

Oh, an orchestra?  OK…

Elton?  Stevie?!?

(nostrils flaring up…)

Chris Martin?!?  Kylie?!?  Dave Grohl?!?

(lip quivering…)


(‘God Only Knows What I’d Be Without You…’)


OK, you guys win that one.  That was certainly an above average cover.

(hitting ‘Post’ and walking away from the computer as the big tears roll down my cheeks…)