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The weekend is upon us!

In 2019, I could see an ‘appropriation’ conversation going down…

But in the early days of rap, man, there was nothing to be said, the Beasties were as funky as any mainstream act.

‘Paul Revere’ is still one for my favorite jams of theirs. This is easily number two.

Have a good weekend gang!



As an Angeleno, as a filmmaker, as just a fan, this is still one of my favorite videos ever.




Your ‘weekend hype song’ comes a day early…

I don’t (or shouldn’t) have to say anything about how great the Beastie Boys catalog is overall.  This song and video is a top 5 from them in my opinion.

And in a roundabout way it’s increasing my excitement to see Spike Jonze’ new film when I get a chance…