Song of the Day – ‘I Wanna Get Next to You’

  I know I’m not the only one who considers this one of the favorite scene/sequences in black cinema.  And as a guy who gravitates toward silliness in romance as much as I do in life, I also know I’m not the only one who sees myself in the ‘shirt open to the navel, posted […]

For Spike…

  It’s funny how ‘timing’ plays out sometimes.  Between Red Tails, the Help, and Sundance, there’s been a lot of public and private conversations already this year about the direction of where black cinema is going.  Everyone has their own opinions, but the truth is none of us can look at the landscape and say, ‘This […]

Red Tails and the State of the Union

So the last thing I did this weekend was go out and see Red Tails for myself.  I thought it was cool; not the ‘savior’ for black cinema but also definitely not anything that set ‘the movement’ back a hundred years.  The box office numbers came in well, which I think was the one thing […]