Song of the Day – ‘And I Love Her’

CNN is about to push out ‘The Seventies’; over the weekend I finally saw the British Invasion episode of ‘the Sixties’, and it was everything I wanted and more. Short version: BeatleMania hit, inspired in part by their covers of Isley Brothers and Barrett Strong’s hit songs; the Rolling Stones followed suit, letting James Brown […]

Song of the Day – ‘God Only Knows’

  Oh come on, did we really need another cover of ‘God Only Knows’?  You can’t really top the original. Fine I’ll check it out… (clicks Play…) Oh, an orchestra?  OK… Elton?  Stevie?!? (nostrils flaring up…) Chris Martin?!?  Kylie?!?  Dave Grohl?!? (lip quivering…) LORDE?!?  ONE DIRECTION?!? (‘God Only Knows What I’d Be Without You…’) AND […]