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I was as prepared as I’ve ever been, and this Ramadan was as physically and mentally smooth as any I’ve experienced.  In this life, I still have work to do it seems.  I’m excited to start working out again and putting meat on my bones.  I’m excited to finish the last script I was working on, and bringing my full energy during the daylight hours again to everything I’m committed to.  I’m excited and looking forward to interacting with many of you.

I appreciate everyone who gave me my personal space, but let me take a moment to thank everyone who hasn’t seen me in the past month and sent me a text, a DM, a call, and the like to make sure I was alright. This is usually my most serious time of the year obviously, but I’m human. It’s nice to be missed, it’s nice to be appreciated.

One regret I have (which will be corrected the rest of the way) is that in my absence I should have turned you on to others who post through Ramadan (and all throughout the year).  Many different colors and lifestyles and attitudes; beyond the obvious, the only connection you can probably make between these people is that often I’ll look at them, then look in the mirror and say to myself, “I need to do more, I’m not doing enough.”   Amanda Saab, Husain and Hamza Abdullah, dream hampton, Dawud Walid, Brother Ali, Lupe Fiasco, Murtaza Hussain, Keith Ellison, Khalil Muhammad.  For you young people, I’ll throw Zayn Malik in there.  Those are few ‘famous’ names; like most of you I get inspired the most by the people in my community you probably haven’t heard of. Yet.

I’m thankful for those of you who tried to change me, so I could easily identify, in the short term and the long term, the compromises I’m comfortable making, and where I draw the lines.

I’m thankful for those of you who have always accepted me as I am, even when I didn’t always recognize it, and when I didn’t always fully accept myself.

All Praise is due to Allah, only the mistakes have been mine.

Eid Mubarak to the Muslim Community around the world!

Let’s finish this.



This weekend went beyond my expectations so we’ll delay the music for a day.  I’d say from Christmas to now I’ve seen 80 to 90 percent of the people I care about, and certain questions keep coming up repeatedly.  So here’s a quick Frequently Asked Questions post for the other 10 percent of you (and you nosy types who want a little more information beyond the superficiality of these Internets…)

1. Haven’t said much lately about projects you’re in, what’s up?

The nature of the beast, but I have a TV show, a movie and a play I’ll be hyping up over the next three months.  The play is a live show (duh), the other two projects were shot last year and are just getting released this year.  Like I said, nature of the beast.  But the promotional side of me will be returning soon enough.

2. Can you sing?

Put it like this: if I have to sing to get into heaven, I’ll get in for being ‘not bad for someone with no formal vocal training’.  I’m far from the best, I’m far from the worst. Truth be told, today’s original post was a video I recorded of me singing one of my favorite songs (since my people outside of L.A. are for the most part not going to be able to see me on the stage).  No intention of posting it now, but in the spirit of good sport, how about this: I name dropped Rashida Jones as the co-star I was singing to in the scene, so if you one of you connected types gets Rashida to ask me to post it, then I’ll post it.  (I won’t be losing sleep over losing that bet…)

3. Oh, is she your ‘crush’ now?

Through my own actions and the stories of my friends, the funniest thing of the past week has been kind of being able to say, ‘OK, this is the Malik Aziz prototype’ as far as what draws me in nearly every time when it comes to the opposite sex.  True to my own personality, it’s nothing overly simple like ‘If she’s this race’ or ‘If she dresses like this’.  But there’s a definite ‘commonality’ nearly all of my exes and well known crushes have.  To answer the question, yes Rashida falls into that ‘commonality.’

4. So what’s good then, player, where you at?

‘The Circle’ is nearly closed, and I’m making a conscious effort now to close it.  Part of my code/faith is that everything happens when it’s supposed to happen, and I pursue without pressing.  You told me the Circle closes this year, I’d believe you.  You told me I’m still Bruce Wayne in 10 years, I’d believe that too.

5. Bruce Wayne?  Wait, I thought you said you weren’t Batman anymore?

Batman is just a symbol.  The point is anyone could be Batman.  That’s the purpose of the mask.

6. What’s up with the Brother Ali picture?

Of the many nice things I got this week, one of my homies filled out my Brother Ali catalog to a respectable level.  Don’t misunderstand, I knew the brother, ‘follow’ him, but I wasn’t as hip to him as I should be.  That’s changed now (thanks Jay).

7. So how do you feel about the Lakers now?

As a fan?  Same as always, let’s carry this as far as we can take it.  Practically, realistically?  Uggghhhhhhhhh.  I (think I) would love to see what happens to this city if we get a Clippers-Lakers series in the first round this year.  It would be nuts!

Alright, amnesty posting ends now.  Back to regular shallow stuff tomorrow.