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Keeping with the theme of the week. I didn’t grow up loving this franchise but it’s one of the classics, and let’s be honest, Daniel Craig wears it well.

The theme is, of course, iconic!




Just my opinion, not as much fun as Casino Royale, but definitely put 007 back on track moving forward.

The film that marks James Bond’s 50th anniversary starts off with…his death.  I don’t consider it a spoiler to tell you this isn’t a short film, so what happens after that theme-wise is what keeps it interesting.  Can Bond and M adapt to the ‘brave new world’ of the 21st century?  Our villain this go around is played by Javier Bardem, who we all know can chew up a scene as well as anyone in the game.  I’m not a Bond expert so I can’t tell you where this guy ranks with the great Bond villains, but I imagine he’s in the conversation.  At times, creepy, intelligent, charming, (more often than not in the same scene), I was reminded at times of Heath Ledger’s Joker.  I don’t mean that as a left handed compliment; but hell, that’s not a bad place to aim for now if you’re trying to play a supervillain in a major action franchise is it?

There are plenty of Easter eggs in here for both casual 007 fans (like myself) and the hardcore Bond fans who have seen every film.  There’s darkness in this film, but there’s enough winks to the audience to let us know Bond is supposed to still be enjoyable.  And it ends in a place that’s a nice setup if (hopefully) Daniel Craig does the last 2 he’s contracted for.  He’s definitely earned it at this point.

‘Tis ‘good movie season’ folks, so expect more reviews than normal to end out the year…

Fight Club, Se7en, Zodiac, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Social Network.  When you think of good, intellectual filmmaking, David Fincher may (or may not) have peers, but there isn’t anyone better.  Now let’s add The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to that already extremely impressive directing career.

Before I go on, let me say I haven’t read the books or watched the original films, so I went into this one as John Q. Public. If John Q. Public saw Daniel Craig in the trailer, and ‘A Film by David Fincher’ and said “Say nothing else, sold!”

So how do I pitch this?  OK, a disgraced journalist (Daniel Craig) is hired by a semi-retired magnate (the always great Christopher Plummer) to solve the oldest mystery of his family.  Along the way, the journalist needs help and he hears about the researcher who investigated him: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Rooney Mara).

If that’s not much to go on, good!  One of Fincher’s strengths if you’re somehow not familiar with his filmography, is taking the audience along for the ride as the main characters come up with their own theories and try to solve the mystery of the plot.  Not to sound like too much of an old fogey, but while I can’t say this is my favorite Fincher film (almost unfair to compare the man to his own work), I can say that as always, Fincher treats his audience like adults, and you get a quality adult film out of it.  Is this story for everybody?  No I don’t think it is.  But if you’re a fan of the works of David Fincher, I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed.  Daniel Craig anchors a solid cast, and Rooney Mara brings the right amount of creepiness/intelligence/sexuality to the title character.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo opens next Wednesday.

Quantum of Solace






Let me start off by saying I didn’t grow up a James Bond fan, even a casual one.  The first 007 film I saw in the theatres was The World Is Not Enough.  To refresh your memory, that was the one featuring Denise Richards as nuclear scientist Dr. Christmas Jones.  Nuff said.

Casino Royale didn’t turn me into a Bond fanboy, but like most people I thought it was the most enjoyable 007 movie in a long time.  So I walked into Quantum of Solace as a casual fan with an open mind.  I had a short list of expectations based on my ‘knowledge’ of what a 007 movie is supposed to be; here’s how Quantum stacked up:

Opening Action Sequence: As much as I hate seeing an Aston Martin get the business, the opening gets major PROPS from me.  The tone was set; this was the first Bond film that’s a true ‘sequel’.

Crazy Credits/Theme Song: I was aware that Jack White and Alicia Keys were doing the theme song.  As I write this, I can’t remember much about it.  To be fair though, the ‘James Bond’ overture is the only piece of music I associate with these characters.  EHHH….

Bond Girl: The little Russian hottie (playing a Latina?) didn’t have any overtly sexual scenes with Bond (surprisingly).  I think Eva Green was a much better Bond girl, but Olga Kurylenko is exotic enough looks wise to get PROPS.

Bond Villain: The environmentalist as arch nemesis was a nice modern touch.  And I’ve been a fan of Mathieu Amalric going back to Munich.  PROPS.

Style: Confession time – the Daniel Craig version of 007 is a character I’ve borrowed from in developing my personal style.  Clothes by Tom Ford, bringing back the Aston Martin (as I mentioned earlier), still rocking the Omega watch?  Oh yeah, major PROPS here.

Were some of the action sequences a little too Jason Bourne-ish?  Yeah, but to be fair Bourne is the king of the modern action heroes, so what do you expect?  Did the story get a little convulted at times?  Sure, but this is a Bond movie.  Am I being a little too nice because I didn’t have to pay for my ticket?  Perhaps…

Bottom line, if you enjoyed Casino Royale, I can’t imagine how you would hate Quantum.  It’s a more standard Bond movie, but hey, if you’re paying to go see it, isn’t that what you’re expecting?