Liked it, didn’t love it. Spoiler free thoughts as usual. First what I dug… The celeb who makes fun of themselves is ‘kinda’ played out at this point, but Ed Sheeran hit the perfect balance. He never really goes into over the top mode, whenever Jack one ups him, he falls back into ‘I mean, […]

Video of the Day – ‘Yesterday’

My buddy Dio sent this trailer to me this morning, and… Let me get this straight… A character, surnamed Malik, is transported to an alternate universe where the Beatles didn’t exist, and HE becomes the Beatles?!? I’m not exaggerating; I’ve been so white hot with envy I’ve been walking around most of today looking like […]

127 Hours

While not the crowd pleaser that Slumdog Millionaire was (and let’s be honest, few films are), 127 Hours has all the makings of another Oscar-caliber film for Danny Boyle. ┬áBased on the true story of a young man who got trapped in a Utah canyon and had to cut off his own arm to survive, […]