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The internet did me the Solid of the Year today.

I’ve yelled ‘OH!’ and have been bobbing my head and fist pumping hearing the full version of this for the first time in years.

If you were there, you’ll remember we used this intro for what most consider my generation’s best stepshow.

And if you’re just a hip hop head or a hip hop lover from my generation.  Well.

It’s the weekend. Enjoy!




Those of you who’ve seen me backstage or between takes know this, but in true Sam Rockwell fashion, dancing is my default move when I’m waiting to perform.

Last week on set (and I was completely unaware I was doing this), I was just kind of slapping my hands and feet together in rhythm.  Don’t even know what song I had in my mind.

But the sister I was standing next to asked, “Malik, are you a stepper?”

That’s when I became aware of what I was doing.  My response after I got done chuckling? “A lifetime ago.”

This was the intro we used to one of our most popular stepshows, back in the day.





Ahhh yes!  By the time most of you read this, the first game of the season will be in the books and football season will have officially begun!

One of my leagues is my ‘legacy league’, the other is a group of oldheads from my fraternity chapter.

So the ‘song’ that will take you into the weekend will be the intro we used for one of the best stepshows we did in college.  What do y’all know about DJ Rectangle?

And for my fellow competitors in each fantasy league, let me say it here I love y’all, but the Compton Swap Meet and Oops Pow Surprise will be happy with nothing less than a title this year!

Have a fun weekend!