To Thunderous Applause

Where do I begin? Consoling my mother who thought she would vote a woman into the Oval Office in her lifetime? Trying to find something to say other than ‘I’m sorry’ to my friends who have children and have to try to explain to them (especially the girls) what happened and why? Pretending I have […]

One Last History Lesson…

  The gallows humor has begun! As we approach Judgment Day (literally), there’s been more ‘jokes’ in my tribe about how soon President Trump will deport us, and where we’ll go if we we’re given a choice. (Assuming he doesn’t just send me ‘back to where I came from’, I have thought about what it […]

‘The Central Park Five’

  Here’s another ‘must see’ if it’s somehow slipped through the cracks (as it had for me until this weekend…) ‘The Central Park Five’ is another great documentary by Ken Burns.  This one focuses on the case of the five black and brown teenagers in New York City who were tried and convicted of assaulting […]


  I want to stay away from the obvious cliches when I judge this film on its own and within the long view of Ava Duvernay’s career (‘this is an important film’), so I’ll try to find the right words at the end… The conceit of this documentary is that while the 13th Amendment abolished […]

Exit Interview

So ‘Trojan War’ is done and a living product now, officially.  It’s been a great ride, a ton of memories I’ll never forget, chief among them the outpouring of support. I love my people.  In every possible way that statement can be interpreted. Beyond the superficial links between us, that sense of ‘take care of […]