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You knew this was coming…

One of my personal top 10 hype songs.  And Breeze’s verse…

If my generation would have been the ‘I’m tatting up every inch of my skin’ generation, I’m 90 percent confident that verse would have been covering my entire back.  Can’t put a number on how many times I rapped along to that in the studio, DJ booth, club, car, and on and on…



The first bias here is I have nothing but good memories of Atlanta.  Lenoxx.  Spelman Deltas. The Blue Flame.

And Club 112.  Years apart, I’d go there and kick it, then after the club let out, we’d roll around Buckhead, and ended up in some parking lot.  And Cee-Lo was there with his people.  Twice.

But I loved this sound before ever going to Atlanta.  If you DJ’d hip hop in those days, when that vinyl came from the South, you perked up.  So surely, I’m the exact target audience for ‘The Art of Organized Noize.’

Beyond what you’d expect from a ‘bio’ doc, there are some GREAT gems in this trip down memory lane.  How and why ‘Players Ball’ came to be.  WHO directed that first Outkast video.  The music industry version of your thing becomes the ‘hot’ sound, then everybody comes calling (but I genuinely forgot or never knew the TLC and En Vogue hits they produced).  The huge contract that comes, and then…

It’s a must see doc for my generation of hip hop.  These brothas did NOT go Hollywood, and the film leaves it up to you to debate how much that helped/hurt them long term.

Now streaming on Netflix.


Hard to find the right balance between ‘MLK Day’ and ‘the weekend’, but this is probably the song.

Have a good one gang. If you have Monday off enjoy it.  Back Monday night.



Lord it’s so hard, living this life
A constant struggle each and every day
Some wonder why I’d rather die
Than to continue living this way
Many are blind and cannot find
The truth cause no one seems to really know
But I won’t accept that this is how it’s gon’ be
Devil you gotta let me and my people go

Cause I wanna be free, completely free
Lord won’t you please come and save me
I wanna be free, totally free
I’m not gon’ let this world worry me