‘Time Is Illmatic’

  Whether you consider Nas too be overrated or one of the best lyricists in hip hop history, Time Is Illmatic is a great documentary that captures a specific moment in hip hop history and how the artist and the album influenced so many who came after it. The story proper begins with Nas’ father, who as […]

Art of Rap

  I saw somewhere that Ice-T said don’t waste time with the ‘TV version’ of this doc, so I waited until it came out on Netflix. This isn’t a must see doc for everybody, BUT if you love hip hop (Africa Bambataa is the first of many to break down the culture versus the music), […]


I stumbled into this one on Netflix Instant, realizing I never got around to watching it.  There are at least 3 sequels now, but the original is probably still the best. As the title implies, this documentary goes into the history of ‘beef’ between popular rappers in hip hop history.  There’s a little background (tracing […]