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Happy MLK weekend everyone!

Some of the Black Panther conversations I’ve had this week turned into ‘What other pop culture things felt like everyone had to see it right away (before we had social media)?’

Michael Jackson video premieres definitely were on the list, thus today’s choice (particularly with the cast, setting and director of this one).

Next movie review Monday night.  If you’re not working the next few days, enjoy yourself!



Where to begin?  Even I (who feel like I’m pretty tuned in) learned a lot more about David Bowie today (in particular numerous different episodes where he spoke out for black artists and black people in general.  I know, he pulled Iman, I should have known…)

Anyway to somewhat tie it in to my world, here’s his fantastic appearance on Extras.  Now I did know Ricky idolized him way before he found his calling as a comedian, so to have his hero emasculate him like this, I can’t even imagine how much of a thrill this was.