Ask a Muslim 4 & What’s Next

  So I have something fun and exciting that I’ve been working on that I’ll start pubbing Sunday night/Monday morning.  Before then, here’s your last post to go into the weekend, a humourous edition (in my opinion at least) of the Ask a Muslim Series:    

Ask a Muslim – Episode 2

Here is Episode 2 of the Ask of Muslim Series I referenced earlier this month: I have something I’ve been working on for Eid which I’ll post Sunday night/Monday morning.  Until then, have a good weekend!  

Ask a Muslim

  This was an idea I’ve had for the past few years to answer various questions my non-Muslim friends had about the faith.  I just never made time for ti. Glad someone else grabbed the ball and is running with it.  Enjoy!    

Public Service Announcement

  While I continue to be annoyed with Islam’s status as the modern day ‘boogeyman’, I also recognized long ago that the definition of the word ignorance comes out of people just not knowing what something is.  And human nature is to fear what you don’t know or understand or control. So with that in […]

Limitless VII – Islam

I first read The Autobiography of Malcolm X when I was 16 years old.  The pages are turning yellow, but I still have the paperback version I bought half a lifetime ago now.  In nearly every chapter, there was something in it that struck me like lightning.  I flip through these pages now and see […]