Video of the Day – ‘Go Deep’

  Still a catchy pop song.  And I always thought the concept behind this video is brilliant. Before Beyonce or Britney Spears or Ariana Grande (or whoever the kids dream about these days), we had Janet. When she steady gives the camera ‘the Look’… Enjoy!

Song of the Day – ‘Scream’

Thought my mind would want a break in between finishing my first pilot and moving on to writing the feature. Nope!  When the creative juices are flowing, gotta let em flow. Wrote my first fight sequence to this, haven’t seen it used in anything yet. Hmm…

Song of the Day – ‘If’

  Yesterday we gave Britney her due, so today let’s pay tribute to one of (if not the main) pop star before her who had it. Looking back now, this video is still something.  Seemingly every girl I knew had this dance routine memorized at some point.  And as far as the guys go…well, I […]

Song of the Day – ‘Scream’

  Ah.  I was all hyped to talk about this one when I knew it would be today’s song (I wrote my first ‘action fight sequence’ to this), but now I just feel melancholy.  Hopefully it has the opposite effect on you going into the weekend.  Enjoy!