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Just my opinion, not as much fun as Casino Royale, but definitely put 007 back on track moving forward.

The film that marks James Bond’s 50th anniversary starts off with…his death.  I don’t consider it a spoiler to tell you this isn’t a short film, so what happens after that theme-wise is what keeps it interesting.  Can Bond and M adapt to the ‘brave new world’ of the 21st century?  Our villain this go around is played by Javier Bardem, who we all know can chew up a scene as well as anyone in the game.  I’m not a Bond expert so I can’t tell you where this guy ranks with the great Bond villains, but I imagine he’s in the conversation.  At times, creepy, intelligent, charming, (more often than not in the same scene), I was reminded at times of Heath Ledger’s Joker.  I don’t mean that as a left handed compliment; but hell, that’s not a bad place to aim for now if you’re trying to play a supervillain in a major action franchise is it?

There are plenty of Easter eggs in here for both casual 007 fans (like myself) and the hardcore Bond fans who have seen every film.  There’s darkness in this film, but there’s enough winks to the audience to let us know Bond is supposed to still be enjoyable.  And it ends in a place that’s a nice setup if (hopefully) Daniel Craig does the last 2 he’s contracted for.  He’s definitely earned it at this point.

‘Tis ‘good movie season’ folks, so expect more reviews than normal to end out the year…



Once in a while, you sit back and you look at the decisions you made (and didn’t make) and you wonder in what ways you may be better off (or worse off).  And then I finally got my copy of GQ this month, which has a fantastic interview with Denzel.  The whole interview is worth reading (there are nice pieces with Javier Bardem and Chris Paul too), but this particular response in relation to maintaining a private life struck a strong chord with me:

“(But) that’s not my job to put stuff out there.  Sidney Poitier told me this years ago: ‘If they see youfor free all week, they won’t pay to see you on the weekend, because they feel like they’ve seen you.  If you walk by the magazine section in the supermarket and they’ve known you all their life, there’s no mystery.  They can’t take the ride.’  My professional work is being a better actor.  I don’t know how to be a celebrity.’

I love that.  And it’s really interesting (and admittedly kind of fun) to see how all of us navigate the public/private line in the Facebook/Twitter generation.

And that’s a nice segway into the ‘public’ part of Malik Aziz: I’ve put a few more projects under my belt this year so I’ve updated what used to just be the ‘Lady In My Life’ page to include some of the other projects I’ve been lucky enough to be cast in.  You can find that on the ‘Where Do I Know You From?’ tab up top.

Have a good week all.  More later…