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As this post is about me as a writer, let me do a solid to start.  If you’re a blog writer, screenwriter, joke writer, or a like minded member of our ilk, what’s the dreaded word no one wants to hear or be accused of?  Stealing.  There’s no foolproof method of course, but I recommend my friends at Grammarly to help out.  Use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker online because every story has been told, and if you have a feeling the story you’re telling is destined for greatness, there’s a chance someone already beat you to it.

Now, what am I writing these days?

Well, the ‘indie’ project I’ve written is the latest version of my teenage, sci fi project ‘The Legend of the Cursed Angel’.  I’ve taken my Star Wars and refashioned it as a low budget webseries, with a stronger emphasis on every episode raising the stakes on ‘how does this end?’ and less emphasis on ‘planets exploding’ and other such nonsense it’s just completely impractical for me to pull off.  It’s a ‘movie star’ type part for yours truly, and when I figure out which way I want to go the other major part, I’ll at least get the pilot episode shot.  Science fiction, and movie star stuff, I know that doesn’t really scream ‘indie’ but as I joked about with one of my co-stars, when you’re name dropping Assata Shakur and Mumia Abu-Jamal in your script, you’re not exactly screaming Hollywood either…

On the Hollywood side, I’m in the middle of my feature rewrite for ‘Lady In My Life’.  The ‘people’ like what I did in the last version fine, but my quest to be original broke way too many genre rules (damn System), so now it’s telling the story I want to tell in a form everyone can recognize while still doing it in a way that is so unique anyone who sees it will know it is ‘my voice’ and it stands out from the pack (welcome to the life of Hollywood screenwriting).  I’m already more than halfway there so that doesn’t really concern me; the other part of writing for ‘the Bank’ is the first thing ‘the Bank’ is going to do is envision who they can put in your story to make money.  In the last revision I did, I (of course) and Kerry were high school sweethearts who had a baby when we were teenagers, and now that kid (Michael B. Jordan) of course is about to be a man, and…Page 1.  And who would play the present day love interests?  Everyone who offered suggestions, I’m still digesting all of them: Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita, Alison Brie, Brie Larson, Emma Stone, Jurnee Smollett, Kerry, Beharie, Alba, Zooey.  And no, I’m not deliberately looking past the wife/mother character, she is the ‘Lady’; in the current version of the script though, I’ve framed it as a father/son story and how each reacts when given similar choices.  And if that framework sounds like it borrows from one of my favorite/greatest movies ever but using it in a more comic form…you may be on the right track there slugger.

So that’s what’s up with the nonstop writing so far in 2014.  When we progress into acting and/or directing, I’ll keep you posted.



Small inside joke with this song, but still a good way to go into the weekend.

Oh yes, the weekend.  In Younger Malik’s days, quite a few Friday and Saturday nights were spent in various salsa spots around the City of Angels.  And almost every one of those nights went like this:

11:00 PM: Malik and the homies walk into the spot.  We were low key types by nature, but we still case the joint to make sure no knuckleheads see us and decide they want to make a name for themselves…

11:15 PM: Malik posts up in one of his normal spots.  Either a) one of the homies who posts up under the DJ table to bob his head to every song and be an unpaid hypeman for the night, or b) on the corner of the dance floor to get a feel for the floor itself.

11: 30 PM: By this time, Malik has caught the general rhythms of whatever the DJ is throwing out, he’s doing a little dancing.  Nothing to showy, but enough to make sure all the ladies on the dance floor, right outside the dance floor, or sitting at a table near the dance floor knows I’m a little more than ambiance.  I can get out there and not be the drunk fool who is not nowhere near as good of a dancer as he thinks he is.

11:45 PM: Start scoping the scene to find my homie who has been doing his own recon work.  Along the way of course, casually seeing if anyone is looking. And more often than not (humblebrag), I’d catch a few Vanessa Bryant/Jessica Alba clones showing 32 teeth a piece, being impressed the little black guy knows how to swivel his hips to the beat.  I’d smile back so they know I saw them.

12:00 PM: Find the homie. ‘Yeah, keep next year open.  I just fell in love.’

And on that note, have a good weekend!


It may have been a side effect of maturity as well as the cultural connection, but as I was going through my ups and downs with Maria, I found I was no longer leaning on my boys for love advice as much as I was leaning on the women I had become friends with.  Chief among those women was Alexis.  We had known of each other in the college days, but I don’t remember if we ever had any conversations.  She ended up married to another of the guys from school who I became closer to after graduation (and we’ll get to him next chapter).  Anyway I figured with the Hispanic and the interracial aspects I was dealing with, she would be a good person to bounce my thoughts off of.  And she was, even though that particular relationship crashed and burned to the ground. 

I’m a little tongue in cheek here, but I wasn’t completely sure why she liked me initially.  She hates sports (especially the ones I’m passionate about), she despises the geek jokes I shoot back and forth with her husband on a regular basis.  Oh, and I, ahem, used to have a bad habit of calling her Mexican (which Maria was) even though I knew Alexis was from Guatemala.  (There really isn’t a black version of that joke is there?)  I’m just guessing here, but I think a few things played heavily into my favor.  One was of course, I became really good friends with her husband, who like me, is ‘not a regular black guy’.  Two was probably my interest in the senoritas, in particular when young Ms. Alba first appeared on the scene.  It would be a half serious/half running joke that would go on for years about my affection for Jessica.  We all went to go see Sin City together, and I remember as soon as those cheeks showed up on the big screen, I leaned down the row with a 32 tooth grin whispering “I love her” to Alexis.  (Coincidentally, this was the first time I remember her giving me the platonic version of the “You Idiot” face). 

The third thing which didn’t occur to me until recently is that, as the years have gone on, she’s probably picked up on my positioning myself in the ‘sensitive artist’ camp as one of my guys puts it.  I’m a direct descendant of Michael obviously, but in this day and age I can also connect my work to guys in music like John Mayer (who Alexis gets full credit for turning me on to), and in the acting camp guys like Johnny Depp (who even when he’s playing macho types always finds a way to make it vulnerable).  Now I might be wrong on that one, but since I know she loves those cats, I don’t think I’m way off either.

Anyway over time we’ve definitely ‘bonded’ in our own unique way.  Like my closest guys, we can talk a little smack to each other; I’ve confided in her some of the things only Mi Familia knows.  It’s funny in a way; Alexis is the perfect example of alot of the KU females I’m cool with now;  we were around each other for four years, never talked, then later on we just become really cool.  Such is life I guess.

Now her husband is a whole other story.  I’ll tell that one next time…