Song of the Day – ‘Voodoo Child’

My ‘History of Wrestling’ rewatch has brought me to the return of ‘Hollywood Hulk Hogan’.  So…yay… Not an active member of the alumni association these days for some thoughts of his that were on tape.  But hey… Just because he doesn’t want his daughter dating any black guy, that doesn’t mean he had a problem […]

‘Jimi: All is By My Side’

So let’s start with what a lot of us felt before shooting began: Andre 3000 is a great choice to play Jimi Hendrix.  There’s enough in his style and cadence (and natural persona) to suggest Jimi without feeling like complete mimicry or impersonation.  The story of this particular biopic covers the period of Hendrix leaving […]

Song of the Day – ‘A Day in the Life’

  Stereo Williams posted the Hendrix-esque cover of this from ‘Across the Universe’ and many of you know when I hear either the original or a really good cover of one of my favorite songs, my world stops, so… And yes, I’ve seen the movie but the song didn’t strike me as much within the […]

Song of the Day – ‘Voodoo Child’

  What’s up gang?  Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. I have a lot on my mind truthfully, with the state of the world.  But can’t properly find the words for it at this moment.  So I’ll stick to my fictional writing for now, and give you some music today. One thing 3000’s new […]

‘Get On Up’

  I can’t really ‘spoil’ a movie about the life of James Brown, can I? I’m in my ‘peak period’ of introspection as some of you know, so on the way home I was comparing filmmaking to life in general (just go with me for a minute).  When you have a good thing, don’t mess […]