Song of the Day – ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’

  A good news and bad news day.  First the bad news… If you missed the official afterparty for John Mayer at the Troubadour Saturday night, you missed something really special.  But here’s the good news! All the releases have been signed, so we get to release this weekend’s performance as our first live album! […]

Cirque de Soleil – LOVE

So what did I end up doing for my birthday (as I’ve been asked repeatedly…) This story starts a couple years back actually when a friend of mine caught on that I had taken an interest in the Beatles’ catalog of music.  So he just goes on and on about how he had just come […]

An Appreciation – John Lennon

  This weekend would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday. As a kid, I knew Lennon as a face and a name (much like the Beatles themselves) but not music I heard (or at that time recognized as theirs).  As my individual interest in pop culture and music grew, it was only a matter of […]