Song of the Day – ‘Slow Dancing In a Burning Room’

I can’t win this one. Spent a good couple months learning this song, finding great cover versions, but my best is average. I’m a good enough singer to not bring your musical to a complete halt, and blend in the background. Sure. Can I entertain you on karoake nights? Definitely. But (by my standards) am […]

Song of the Day – ‘Pyramids’

Alright, let’s get some music back in here.  And a live performance at that. (glaring in the background…) (that’s right you…you stay back there…don’t look at the camera, this isn’t your song…) (that’s right…you come in and play a nice guitar solo…stay in your lane…) Enjoy!

Song of the Day – ‘Leave Me Alone’

  (Will neither confirm nor deny secretly converting to Scientology three years ago…) (Will neither confirm nor deny having a love/hate relationship with John Mayer for being the last person to make me cry uncontrollably (at MJ’s funeral)…) (Will neither confirm nor deny owning a pet bat who lives in my basement whose name is […]

Song of the Day – ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’

  A good news and bad news day.  First the bad news… If you missed the official afterparty for John Mayer at the Troubadour Saturday night, you missed something really special.  But here’s the good news! All the releases have been signed, so we get to release this weekend’s performance as our first live album! […]