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Finally back in work out rhythm. In acting rhythm. In writing rhythm. Personal life in rhythm. Inner peace level is comfortably in the ninety percent range.






So last night around this time I was in Texas with Aaron and my old professor Dr. Rodriguez talking about ‘Trojan War’ and the Business and life.  I’m familiar with Southern hospitality because of my roots but it was still a fun night for myself and Aaron and judging by the immediate feedback it seems the feeling was mutual.  I talked on a live microphone about a lot of the things many of you are used to hearing me say here: I’ve had an incredibly blessed life I wouldn’t trade with anyone else, I have more I plan to do, but the state of the world and my age has reignited my desire to be very active in helping the next generation do things I probably won’t see.

So short version I was on full Kenobi mode last night, thus today’s song choice.





As close as sports is to a pure meritocracy, I have to give the devil his due.

Congrats Tom Brady.  More rings than anybody and I can’t argue against your GOAT status.  You earned this.

Enjoy everybody!




It’s the weekend, and not just any weekend…

You’re getting a movie review Sunday night.  You’re first two guesses don’t count…

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See you then.  Enjoy!