The Rum Diary

  My interests cover a lot of ground, but I can’t say I’m anyone’s Hunter S. Thompson fan.  Don’t dislike the man, just not in my wheelhouse.  I ‘got’ Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas as one big acid trip (and a good Terry Gilliam piece) but that’s as far as it moved me. So […]

Limitless XVIII – Alexis

It may have been a side effect of maturity as well as the cultural connection, but as I was going through my ups and downs with Maria, I found I was no longer leaning on my boys for love advice as much as I was leaning on the women I had become friends with.  Chief […]

Public Enemies

  It’s my favorite genre by far, but at this point in the game it is damn near impossible to break new ground with crime drama.  Public Enemies is a really good movie on its own.  Michael Mann, Johnny Depp and Christian Bale doing a film about the true life story of John Dilinger.  If […]