Most of you were correct in your assumption of where I stood this year, and I can’t imagine anyone who is politically aware being undecided one way or another at this point, so I’ll try to keep this short. I’ll go ahead and say his name now.  Given several opportunities to walk back his […]

Free Speech?

Today I cede the floor to Kareem, who sums it up quite well. We’re all welcome to our opinions, we all probably care too much about what celebrities think, but when you’re a public figure who (in theory) are trying to serve the greater good, putting a bullseye on entire communities of American citizens isn’t […]

On the Shoulders of Giants

More than the other major leagues, the NBA as we know it today is known as ‘the black league.’  ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’ is one of the recent documentaries that takes us back to the time when blacks weren’t allowed to play professional basketball.  The story revolves around the Harlem Rens, a black owned, […]