Who Am I?

  On the weekend of the 2nd Women’s March, I thought I’d start this week by publicly acknowledging something I ‘borrowed’ from a woman… Somewhere down the line, I heard Kerry Washington uses this technique called ‘Who Am I?’  As you’ll see below, it’s a mini cheat sheet that, for actors at least, can quickly […]

Song of the Day – ‘Hey Jude’

  Wilson Pickett did a cover of ‘Hey Jude’?  Really?  How do I not have any memory of this? Well, it sounds like a great idea on paper, let’s taken a listen… (clicking Play…) (GASP!!!) (Creative Adrenaline Rush!!!) (acting out and writing the sequence Kerry Washington throws my character and my trumpet out in the […]

And For My Next Trick…

  As this post is about me as a writer, let me do a solid to start.  If you’re a blog writer, screenwriter, joke writer, or a like minded member of our ilk, what’s the dreaded word no one wants to hear or be accused of?  Stealing.  There’s no foolproof method of course, but I […]

Black Panther

One of the side effects of this boom period of comic book heroes is that everyone gets a shot to shine.  The Black Panther is a Marvel character brought into existence to cater specifically to the African-American audience.  While the name suggests a superhero based on the Oakland socio-political group, in fact this character is […]

Mother and Child

  With The Fighter being a possible exception, the best cast film I’ve seen from top to bottom to come out in the past 12 months has been Mother and Child. The film’s story is centered around three strong female performances: Annette Bening as a middle aged woman who gave up a child at 14 […]

Night Catches Us

  This past weekend I went to the USC Homecoming game with a couple of the guys from school, and for a minute I couldn’t help but daydream about these days.  Part of getting older is remembering how idealistic you were and how real life changes your perspective on things.   I tell that anecdote […]

I Think I Love My Wife

              I remember the weekend this movie came out; I planned to see it but something came up.  I went back a couple weekends later and couldn’t find it.  Not exactly a box office smash… Now that I’ve finally had a chance to see it, let me give you […]

She Hate Me

    With the extra time off, I’m catching up on various movies I just hadn’t gotten around to yet.  I was talking about Miracle at St. Anna to a friend, and he told me I really should take time out to see She Hate Me. What I had heard over the years was this […]