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The metrics I get back have made it clear that the signature piece of this blog in its lifetime has been ‘The 25 Most Important Black Films & TV Shows’ that I wrote a couple years back.  When new people seek out either me or a project I talked about, the search engines will usually spit out a link to a review to one of those pieces.

So here’s what I did this weekend…

1. Long overdue really, but I added a ‘Popular Topics’ tab over there on the right.  From there, you can select ’25 MIF & TV’ (or any other major topic), and find all the pieces I wrote related to that one topic.

2. As of late I’ve gained the ability to place YouTube links directly into my posts (which I didn’t have when I created that lists two years back.  So without re-ranking the lists, I went back and added clips to the vast majority of posts I did related to that category. In a lot of the cases, I was able to go from talking about a scene to just putting the scene I was referring to into the post.

3. For most of the films I just found a trailer so if you haven’t seen the film, you can judge for yourself (based on how it was originally marketed) if you want to track it down. It is QUITE funny to see how dated 70s, 80s and 90s trailers look to us now. In the case of Hollywood Shuffle and She’s Gotta Have It, it’s really interesting to see a young Spike Lee and Robert Townsend use the trailer to personally try to sell you into seeing their debut films.  Independent cinema, baby!

4. Finally, just to start your week right, 2 of the best minutes of ‘black film’ in recent memory.  AIM HIGH WILLIS!!! AIM HIGH!!!!


Eddie at the Oscars


A week or so of rumors became official today when Eddie Murphy was named the host of next year’s Academy Awards telecast.  To one generation, Eddie is Donkey from Shrek and Norbit (sigh), but to my generation, Eddie was OUR stand up idol.  Richard Pryor was the pioneer, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle are multi-talented guys who probably prefer stand up, Kevin Hart is the present and future, but none of the above guys matched Eddie Murphy at his absolute apex. And they all probably idolize Eddie enough to agree with that statement.

I’ve heard more than once that Eddie wanted to get back into standup but once he became ‘Eddie Murphy’ it just wasn’t happening.  So whatever we end up getting next year, (and I don’t want to get my hopes up too high) we should probably just enjoy it.

 I’ve always been in the minority in my crew for having ‘Eddie Murphy Raw’ memorized instead of ‘Delirious’, but you couldn’t go wrong with Eddie at this stage of his career.  This is one of the cleaner bits from the two stand up movies: