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Happy for my KU professor, Kevin Wilmott.

Happy for Mahershala.

Happy for the Black Panther crew.

Happy for Ruth E. Carter.

Happy for Regina.

And of course, I’m happy for the Godfather.

Anything can happen a month from now, but today we celebrate.


So yes, to say Spike is ‘back’ is condescending.  He’s been working.  The word I thought of last night as I walking out of the theatre was ‘accessible.’  This is the most accessible Spike Lee joint in a little bit.  My parents have no interest in seeing (and probably don’t even know about) ‘Chi-raq’ and ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus’, but they already asked me if I have an awards screener for ‘BlackkKlansman’ (which makes me chuckle).

Co-written by my old KU professor Kevin Wilmott, this film dramatizes the true story of Ron Stallworth, a black police officer who ‘infiltrated’ the KKK in the 70s.  John David Washington does fine carrying the movie as the title character.

Adam Driver: hates doing press, says absolutely nothing about his personal life, just wants to work his craft (so naturally I like him) probably plays his most ‘likable’ character so far.  Minor spoiler but he has a mini monologue about ‘passing’ about halfway through I thought was really good.

Actually, the character acting across the board here is A+.  Corey Hawkins shows up near the beginning as Kwame Ture and sets the tone for the film with a great sermon.  Topher Grace is hilarious as the kindly, corporate Grand Wizard of the KKK, David Duke.

Anytime we (the audience) got too comfortable, there was always a subtle (or at the end an overt) reminder of how dangerous and scary things get when we don’t check extremism.

Definitely a film of ‘America 2018’.   High recommend.


No elaborate introduction needed for today’s post…

One of my first mentors, in terms of being a black filmmaker from Kansas with an independent streak, was Kevin Wilmott.  He was coming into KU as a professor as I was on my way out as a graduate, but it will come as no surprise to you I’m a fan of his films, from Ninth Street to the politically charged C.S.A.

Anyhoo, the very short grapevine between us has brought to my attention that he’s using Kickstarter to put the financing together for his latest project, Jayhawkers.  That title alone and the picture I’ve posted should give you a general idea of what it’s about, but I’ve linked their Kickstarter page below.  As far as feature films go, they’re not looking for that much so I encourage anyone who can help out to do so.