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Still in a Golden Age mood…

Is this the first ‘themed’ video in hip hop?  It was silly then, it’s still silly now.

But Moe Dee sold it straight faced.  Even the choreography…





I stumbled into this one on Netflix Instant, realizing I never got around to watching it.  There are at least 3 sequels now, but the original is probably still the best.

As the title implies, this documentary goes into the history of ‘beef’ between popular rappers in hip hop history.  There’s a little background (tracing the history of beef as it relates to the dozens and other wordplay), but it doesn’t take long to go into the origins as it relates to the music.  It’s actually funny and charming in a fun way to hear Kool Moe Dee and KRS One reflect on how their reputations and/or careers were started by going at it with ‘party rappers’ (MC Shan still seems a little stung that he lost that one).

Of course, eventually the disses became a lot more personal and vengeful.  Like a lot of the people interviewed in the film, I can recall clearly when Ice Cube’s ‘No Vaseline’ came out and the collective ‘DAMN!!!!!’ that the rap community had for that one. Then of course 2Pac and Biggie became the symbolic leaders of the West Coast/East Coast beef and…yeah.

The film goes on from there (thankfully) but you get the point.  One highlight that cracked me up was during the segment about Ja Rule and a young 50 Cent.  Ja isn’t interviewed directly, but there comes a point where 50 is so disgusted at the mere mention of Ja Rule’s name…you’ll know it when you see it.  Anyway, entertaining documentary.

Until next time.