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My all time starting five for guys who I saw at least a part of their peak in my lifetime:

Magic is my starting point guard (because OF COURSE HE IS!)

Jordan at the 2 (come on, I’m not crazy…)

LeBron at small forward (this last one just confirmed his spot for me)

Hakeem the Dream is my center (at his peak he outplayed your boys the Admiral and Shaq in the playoffs)

And the 4 spot goes to Timmay.  Low key and unassuming but consistently went out there and did his thing.  Even as a Lakers fan, how can I not respect that?

Enjoy retirement Mister Duncan.



More Than A Game



Before he became the face of the NBA’s next generation of superstars, LeBron James was a skinny prep school star in Akron.  The documentary More Than A Game takes a look at LeBron’s well known relationship with his boys, who over the years have earned their own version of notoriety on a smaller scale.

As a young brother, watching this doc naturally led to thoughts of my own group of guys; I think it’s almost an unwritten rule among brothers that somewhere in your life you’ll become part of something, whether that’s childhood friends, a fraternity, a gang, etc.  LeBron and his group of guys all hooked up way before high school.  While it was smart to market the film as ‘LeBron and his boys’ since that’s how the world at large knows them; in truth the film takes a fairly equal look at all five kids, and their coach (who also happens to be the father of one of the kids). 

Because LeBron and his crew are all still so young (and we get to WITNESS LeBron on a nearly daily basis), this doc while good, was not as blow you away revealing as other sports docs I’ve seen (Hoop Dreams in terms of inner city kids and hoops, Tyson in terms of teaching us something about a sports icon that we thought we knew everything about).  If you’re a LeBron fanatic though, I’d highly recommend seeing this film to watch the progression from really good kid from Akron to The Chosen One.