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Spinning a lot of plates right now; let me get this music in while I’m thinking about it.

Wouldn’t think a sample of ‘Lady In My Life’ would work so well, especially when I didn’t recognize it when this first came out.   But there you go…






Was on vacation but I did catch we lost one of the backbones of Bad Boy’s rise last week.

It still bumps, but this feels like one of those ‘you really had to be in the club/party scene’ at that moment in time to understand how influential this song (the original and this remix) was.

RIP Craig Mack.




‘Breast milk….you made my day-ay!!!!’


But yeah, it’s the weekend.  Have a good one kids!


Art of Rap


I saw somewhere that Ice-T said don’t waste time with the ‘TV version’ of this doc, so I waited until it came out on Netflix.

This isn’t a must see doc for everybody, BUT if you love hip hop (Africa Bambataa is the first of many to break down the culture versus the music), and if at any point you loved the lyricists on display here, the Art of Rap is a must see.

Ice T takes advantage of a lifetime of connections to get interviews with nearly every living lyricist of note in hip hop history (noticeably absent is Jay-Z and L.L., and Ice-T makes reference to their beef in one of the interviews.)  Nearly everyone gives insight into their love of being an MC, and the true entertainment value of the doc is hearing everyone from Rakim to Eminem to Nas to Redman to Q-Tip to Yaslin Bey (Mos Def) to Joe Budden just spit.  For everything that’s associated with ‘Kanye’ now, his flow might have been my favorite, just as a reminder that yes, Kanye West can actually flow.

The only glaring flaw of The Art of Rap (in my opinion anyway) is there is NO representation from the South.  We all acknowledge the East created it and the West innovated it, but no Big Boi or Andre 3000?  No Geto Boys or Scarface?  Hell, even a Ludacris appearance would have at least acknowledged the South’s style.

I digress, that’s obviously the complaint of someone who watched hip hop go from ‘it’s just a fad’ to ‘gangsta’ to ‘bling’ to ‘corporate machine’ (another post for another time.)  Bottom line again, is The Art of Rap is a must see for fans of rap music.