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Luther Vandross performing at Madison Square Garden in New York City on October 5, 1988. (Photo by Ebet Roberts/Redferns)

Every day I try to do good.

Today I definitely did good.

Love mood. That means Luther.


First draft done. Producer hat going on thinking of how to make this happen. The director is planning a comeback.

Been put back into my creative wheelhouse. Happy.

A mood, defined by a song that never fails to put a smile on my face.

Is this the most, straight up ‘pop’ hit Luther ever had? Probably.




No long explanations needed today.  This song always picks up my spirits.

And the video is simple and of its time without feeling out of place watching it now.




Welcome back! And now it’s the weekend!

Pretty chill this way, so how about a live Luther performance?

Back Sunday night.




I was coming out of the holiday yesterday when it hit me.  2017 has been a year.  Sometimes all in one day, furious, depressed, hopeless, and the list goes on.

The plans for 2018 have been banked, so on a personal level I don’t really have any complaints.  I didn’t even realize anything was off.  The other day I posted a Luther song on one of my accounts, and the homie Ben posed the question, ‘What’s your favorite Luther song?’  Today’s song is the answer.

I realized I hadn’t listened to it in a little while.  I ended up going down a ‘My Favorite Love Songs’ rabbit hole.  My chest opened up.  I felt really, really alive for the first time in, man, I can’t remember.

That’s when I realized this has been the first year of my life where the romantic part of my personality was all but gone.  My lust/libido is as strong as its ever been (thanks Instagram), but just too many other things occupying that time and space I used to make for love.  It is what it is.

So one thing I’m already promising myself for 2018 is not losing track of one of the best parts of my personality. Onward.





The weekend!

With all due respect to you Bob Marley fans, it’s been brought to my attention that 4/20 was also this man’s birthday.

My favorite song from the best pure vocalist of my childhood.

Have a good one folks!



This one I love as an artist.

The ability to look at something on a sheet of paper and then regurgitate it back out; the mechanical part can more or less be taught to anyone.

But to emotionally draw you in and make it feel so personal and immediate?  We all love that in different ways.

I’m not the first to say this was one of Luther’s strengths; this is one of many songs where it really feels like he’s singing to someone specific.

(I’ll let others get into ‘who’ he was singing to…)



It’s the weekend and feels like I haven’t come with pure romance in a minute.




I mean, SERIOUSLY?!?

Who else could turn the International Stalkers Anthem into a really beautiful love song you would hear at the end of the second act of a romantic comedy when the two main characters are separated and missing each other?

(Nope, didn’t say that out loud…)





I can only speak for
The things that I’ve been through
So when it comes to our love
I’ll talk the whole night through
About the lovin’ I’ve been missin’
Lately, baby I ain’t had no kissin’
Don’t you love me
Can we stay together

Like when we used to be in love
But now you’ve got your head on another cloud
Girl, we had a good thing
But now you’ve turned around
Don’t you even care how this love
We’ve had turns out

(Promise me, you’ll leave me never)
(That we’ll be in love forever)
(Promise me, you’ll leave me never)
(And that we’ll be in love forever)

We can work at our love
And make it all brand-new
If we stay together
There’s nothing we can’t do
Improve the lovin’ is what I’m seeing
Let’s do it baby
Don’t fight the feeling
Won’t you love me
Can we stay together

[Repeat Bridge and Chorus]

Forever, ever, promise me you’ll leave me never
Won’t you promise me (That you’ll leave me never)
Promise me, forever and ever, and ever