It’s OK Rich…

  Funny, I was just watching this last week for acting purposes… But since Quincy Jones felt the need to throw the 1960s under the bus this week, let me post this… More serious people, who are more directly affected by homophobia than I, can speak to some of the uglier comments around Q’s revelations […]

Song of the Day – ‘You Rock My World’

As we’re in the middle of comparing great acting performances, I have to apply the same standard across the board. Michael Jackson, my personal favorite artist ever, probably the greatest pop star of all time. Great actor at times like Sinatra?  No.  Good actor even?  Um…. Look, even the best actors figure out what they […]

Song of the Day – ‘Love Never Felt So Good’

  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you I campaigned a little harder than normal when the opportunity to be in this video came up on my radar. And I’m only half joking when I tell you the thought crossed my mind, if I would’ve booked it… ‘You’re singing along to Mike in one […]

Halftime 2012 – ‘M’

Halftime. Michael.  Michael was the first icon of my generation.  He loved entertaining, and we loved watching him and listening to him and imitating him.  Along the way, he learned/understood the value of being enigmatic.  It’s a very ‘Hollywood’ thing to do; the myth/mystery of who you are behind closed doors becomes part of your […]


So everyone knows I’m a Brando guy, and I’ve talked about how ‘Last Tango in Paris’ was a major influence on how I built the character I used in “Lady In My Life.” So when one of the first things I heard about ‘Shame’ was that it was on some ‘Last Tango’ type ish, I […]

It’s Alive!!!! It’s Alive!!!!!

  Some i’s have to be dotted and some t’s need to be crossed, but I got word today that this fall, ‘Lady In My Life’ will appear on the nationally syndicated ‘African-American Short Films’ showcase.  For all the jokes and humblebrags I’ve made about this short not going away, the truth is that for […]

What are My Favorite Movies?

So awhile back my friend @thecheesefry turned me on to Flickchart, and I promised after I ranked 1000 films (a solid number I think for anyone who calls himself a film geek) that I would post what my favorites are. The question I used when ranking was this, “It’s Sunday afternoon, there is nothing on […]

Appreciation – Sidney Lumet

  “There’s no such thing as a small part, just small actors.” – Sidney Lumet Being out of town delayed this post by a few days, but when you’ve contributed to American cinema what Sidney Lumet did, an appreciation is better late than never.  Non film geeks be warned, I’m going in on this one. […]


  Like most black kids of my generation, I had the idea that Dr. King was ‘somebody’ before I had any real concept of who that ‘somebody’ was.  It was his picture and Jesus on the back of our church fans.  At my grandfather’s house, there were two pictures in the house that weren’t family: […]


  Wisely getting a headstart before Harry Potter takes over in a couple weeks, Megamind is actually not a bad family film.  While not as deep and three dimensional as any of the Pixar films, it’s still an enjoyable hour and a half for adults and kids alike.  Starting with the premise, “What would happen […]