Just Another Day…

So you came by today because you want to know how I went 7 for 10 in my Golden Globe predictions right?  No?  Oh yeah, that ‘other thing’… I’ll try to knock this out quickly and in chronological order, frequently asked question format… Woke up, went for my Sunday run, came home, my stomach was […]

Most Important Black TV Shows – #7 Eyes on the Prize

  Eyes on the Prize was a miniseries broadcast on PBS that explored the Civil Rights movement from the mid fifties to the mid eighties.  It is widely considered to be one of the best nonfiction works regarding black history ever produced. On to the tale of the tape… Relevance:  From an ambition stand point […]

The Movement

During one of my recent courtships, I was asked the ‘life’s ambition’ question.  While the answer hasn’t really changed much, the method has changed slightly, and at least publicly, I’ve never acknowledged how much my religious background plays into my ‘lot in life.’  Since many of my readers come from outside my religious background, I’ll […]

Limitless VIII – Senior Year

If my father was my benefactor, my biggest fan in the family was his brother’s wife, my godmother.  My father is very laid-back, which is where I get it from.  My aunt was the one who would stick up for me (all of us really) if someone was bullying us.  I chuckle at how many […]

Limitless VI. – Soul

I can remember with clarity the effect Roots had on me the first time I watched it.  Awe, shock, pride, anger.  I cried pretty good the first time I saw the scene where they whipped Kunta Kinte until he said his name was Toby.  I was one of the first in my family to be […]